Adiel's Casino Gold
(Sweet's Dexter X Eden Rose)
1995 palomino stallion, aka Casino

Casino was here at Brookridge on lease from October 2001 through April 2002. Our deepest thanks to his owner Linnea Sidi of Meadowlark Morgans in Loveland CO for her generosity in sharing this lovely horse with us. Casino was as gentle as he is beautiful. Linnea had used him for working cattle; it's in his blood, as many of his ancestors are Western Working Family bred. My main criteria for a stallion is temperament, type and the best of legs and feet- color is a bonus- and Casino has all of them! You can also see more of Casino- and his foals- on Linnea's page for him here. As an artist, I was inspired by the sheer beauty of this stallion who was my daily eye candy for several months, so I created a sculpture of Casino which you can see here. Sadly, Casino passed much too soon as a result of colic in January of 2010.

Casino a few days after arriving in Georgia, October 2001.

Typical Morgan- he'd rather eat than pose for pictures!

Jim's latest building project is this run-in "shed". Actually we joke about it because it's too nice to be a shed- it has vinyl siding and a shingled roof, and eventually will be fully matted inside. So we call it the horse house instead! Here is Casino enjoying his house.

Our annual Southern Model Horse Convention cookout was the same day Casino arrived. Here are some of the attendees admiring Casino (who is watching the mares!). Earlier he had stood quietly in his paddock to be clipped and groomed by myself and a friend (two total strangers to him at that point), demonstrating to everyone that great Morgan temperament!

Casino and Topaz together, October 2001.

Jim was putting out rye grass seed with the hand spreader in the small paddock that Casino and Topaz were in. They were not sure what to make of that thing throwing stuff into the air and making a weird noise!

More fascination with the seed spreader.

I am still mastering the digital camera and the lag time between clicking the button and the actual shot makes action pictures a bit difficult, but here is an ok one of Casino trotting. He is a very photogenic horse and I've yet to take a truly bad picture of him- although those which only show PARTS of him might qualify, they're not HIS fault!

We have had such lovely weather here for November! Here is Casino and I on our first ride together. Topaz is in the background off to the right, waiting for her friend to return.

Same ride, same day.

My vet pulled in to check a mare while we were finishing up our ride. He teased me about having the wrong kind of saddle on Casino. Actually I think this might have been the first time Casino "went English".

A "not bad" head shot. I wish his ears were up and that he wasn't so furry but you can see he is one handsome horse!

Another head shot.

Casino and Topaz (who was ultrasounded in foal on 12/19/01, due early November 2002) in a rare Georgia snowstorm, January 2, 2002.

Running through the snow the next day. You can see by the position of Topaz's ears just who's the boss in this twosome!

Susan Marsh, owner of several Morgan email lists, visited from California 1/4/02. She certainly was not expecting snow on her trip to Georgia!

Under the rising full moon, dusk, 1/28/02.

Casino gets a new blonde, 2/9/02. Casino (right) and TMB Harvest Moon (Carrollton X Moon Magic) meet.

Well she wasn't interested in him, so back to what he was doing before I put "Luna" in his pasture- eating. Actually, he didn't even leave the hay when I put her in with him- it took him a good five minutes or so to approach her, although he took notice of her arrival. He is a very polite stallion!

Grazing together, February 2002.

Playing together, February 2002.

Luna and Casino often grazed side by side, even nose to nose; they got along extremely well and had few personal space issues. I've heard of stallions being able to be driven in harness with a mare, even when she was in heat, and I could see these two doing just that together. I actually had a bit of a hard time getting this picture as both horses kept coming up to me wanting to see what was up and of course looking for treats, which are their nightly ritual. Photo taken March 16, 2002 at twilight. Luna was ultrasounded in foal a little over a week before this picture was taken, and will be due mid-January 2003.

Early afternoon 4/14/02 in the rain, I went outside to check on the horses and saw Casino absolutely transfixed by something in the pasture. If you look closely you can see what it was.

Same day as the above picture. I like this shot because you can so clearly see how dappled he is.

All dressed up with somewhere to go- home! I wanted to get some pictures of him wearing silver before he left. This was taken the day before he left to go home to Colorado, 4/24/02.

He had swung his butt over so his right hind leg is under him more than it should be, but this was not a bad attempt at a conformation shot.

I had to have a picture of the two of us together (with me wearing something better than barn grubbies!) to remember him by. Hubby obliged and took about 40 pictures on the digital in the hopes that one of them would be ok of ME... the HORSE we weren't worried about, he always looks great!

Here is Casino the evening of April 25, 2002, waiting in the backyard for the van to arrive and take him home to Colorado.

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