Brookridge Morgans began as a childhood dream of mine. Like many young girls, I collected model horses; one of my first was the Breyer black Morgan, a gift from my grandmother. Involvement in the model horse hobby eventually led to the real thing- first with a friend's Morgans, and later with the purchase of the Morgan mare Reminiscing in 1984.

The Brookridge ideal is the Morgan of classic "old type". This curvy, full-bodied, pretty headed, unmistakably Morgan horse is reflected in my artwork and equine sculpture and, hopefully, in the Morgans that I breed. I appreciate the older Morgan bloodlines of all families. My training philosophy uses positive reinforcement, which results in horses with incredibly willing and cheerful attitudes. The Brookridge Morgans live outside, as nature intended,  barefoot and in the company of the herd. 

I am deeply involved with colorful Morgans and enjoy researching and writing about breeding programs and bloodlines related to the various colors present in our breed. My articles currently appear in The Morgan Horse magazine; older articles appeared in Simply Morgan, Classic Morgan Admirers, the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association Newsletter, Just About Horses, and many other equine publications over the years. Many of my articles for The Morgan Horse magazine can be found here (scroll down to the bottom).

I maintain two educational websites about color in the Morgan breed: Morgan Colors and the Silver Dapple Morgans Project. I edited the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association newsletter from 1996-2016, and also served as editor of the Georgia Morgan Horse Club newsletter. My other passion is creating eye-catching equine advertising and website design.

My husband Jim built much of our farm himself, including our lovely barn. Our extended family includes the new owners of horses we've owned and/or bred, and our canine companions Nellie and Sophie.

Sit back and relax as you explore our website. I love to take pictures, so there is a lot to look through. Even better, come see our Morgans in person. We welcome your visit, and so will the horses. Give us a call or email today! -Laura Behning


January 12, 2019- We just had a lovely visit with Helen Prentice- from England! Helen's Mom lives in Ocala, FL and Helen is in the States visiting her. It was a relatively short trip (5 hours from Ocala) for her to come and see the ancestors and relatives of her colt, Pepe. Pepe (registered name TBA) is by Coulee Bend Talisman, the gorgeous silver dun son of Unconventional (aka Connor, who was bred/foaled here). His dam is Helen's own mare, Withecott Celestial Star. Pepe got his sire and grandsire's silver gene- he is a beautiful bay silver colt.

Yesterday was a clear sunny day with temps in the 50's- perfect riding weather! We took advantage and rode both Roadie (Gone Gold, sire of Unconventional- so, Pepe's great grandsire) and Rosie (Avondale Sweet Rosie); pictures can be seen on their respective pages. We had a wonderful dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant with friends Dale and Doreene Gaustad.

Before Helen left we wanted to get a few quick snaps of us with Kennebec Topaz, Pepe's great great grand dam. This picture was taken right as her daughter Coral Forest decided to photobomb us! 

One of the wonderful things about Morgans is the new friends you make in your shared love of the breed. Thank you SO MUCH Helen for your visit. We thoroughly enjoyed it! I do believe we are headed to England at some point in the near future :-)

November 23, 2018- Friends Cassidy Sutherland and Rhonda Evans visited, with Cassidy's three year old son Evan. For weeks now, Evan has been all excited about getting to ride. He became a bit reticent when confronted by the reality of the situation, however he soon warmed up to the idea. It's a very cold and windy day here in the ATL, so Evan's actual riding consisted of being led on Rosie up and down the barn aisle, out of the wind. However we did sit him up on the old man, Positively's Pride, for a few minutes, too.

A November 11, 2018- A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I was on the hunt for a stallion to lease. After trying all spring to breed Charli via AI- and failing- my vet had suggested live cover. My thinking was if someone had a stallion they weren't using over the winter or early spring, that I could try again with Charli and maybe breed another mare as well. We've had great success with pasture breeding. The candidate had to be kind with his mares and experienced at reading them, as well as easy to handle. Incredibly, I had more than 20 stallions offered to me; I cannot thank you wonderful folks enough for trusting me with your precious Morgans.  There are so many kind, generous people in this breed!

In the end I decided upon a stallion I had admired for many years, but never bred a mare to. Positively's Pride (Positively x Early M Dawn) will be 30 next year. Pride used to be owned by my very dear friend Lisa Garcia; his kind reputation preceded him. He settled a very nice gray mare this year for his current owner Leah Flowers, who has graciously allowed me to borrow Pride for awhile. Thank you so much, Leah and the Flowers family! Pride now has his own web page, which can be found here.  

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