WELCOME TO THE ALL NIGHT STUDIO! Here you will find a collection of my artwork and graphic design, inspired by my love of horses- especially the Morgan Horse! My graphics business has catered almost exclusively to the Morgan Horse industry, and Morgans are a consistent theme in my artwork and sculpture as well. I am a long-time student of the breed and feel that knowledge is a tremendous asset in helping my clients present their horses in their best light- whatever the media.

My first equine portrait commissions were created in the mid 1970's when I was still in high school. In the 50-some years since, I've branched out into equine sculpture, then graphic design, and finally, website design. In 2004 I opened an on-line store, BehningArt, where customers can order T-shirts and gifts featuring my Morgan horse artwork. I enjoy each of these artistic endeavors and find it keeps things interesting to switch from one to the other as an outlet for my creative energies. I have a tendency to get going on a project only to lose all track of time, hence the "All Night Studio".

I am always looking for my next inspiration, so if you have a need for a new website, want a really attention grabbing and unique ad, or have a special horse you'd like immortalized in a painting or sculpture, I'd love to hear from you. Just send me an email.
If you'd be interested in receiving information about new items in the store, or finished artwork for sale, please follow me on Facebook. Enjoy your visit as you browse through the site, and thank you for dropping by! -Laura Behning  

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