In the model horse hobby, it is common to see what are termed "customized" models. These are generally either Breyer or Peter Stone models that have been partially resculpted through the use of heat (to move parts) and epoxy (to resculpt what has been changed), or artist resins, which the original sculpting artist casts from their own original sculptures and then sell as unpainted "blanks" for other artists to paint and customize. I sculpt my own originals, which can be seen on my sculpture page, but I've also had lots of fun customizing other artist's pieces over the years. Pictured on this page are some of my favorite custom model horses and resin artist medallions.

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Kate Cabot kindly donated this SM scale resin "Lola" by Josine Vingerling to the SouthCon Benefit auction. I love this mold and she looks stunning as a grulla roan. Completed August 2023.

Rayvin Maddock’s medallion that was sculpted from a photo of baby Thunderous painted as his portrait for Thunder's new owner Kate Cabot. Kate mounted the finished piece in this lovely shadow box frame. I love how it came out! August 2021.

Customized classic Arabian foal to a brown silver Morgan filly, pastel and acrylic. Detailed out mane and forelock, hooves reshaped properly and "girl parts" added. My favorite Breyers to paint are the old Maureen Love molds and this gal is the cream of the crop among those. February 2021.

Morgan medallion- approx. 4" across, sculpted by Ramie Nunally, (thank you Crissi Goreham for that info!) painted to a sooty dappled buckskin, September 2019.

Deborah McDermott's LB scale Missouri Fox Trotter painted in pastels and acrylics to a silver bay for my friend Lisa Garcia. Painted September 2019.

What else could I call a cute pony with a hearts haircut other than "Valentine"? He was created as a benefit auction model for the 2019 Southern Model Horse Convention. Valentine started life as a Breyer old classic QH stallion, and was customized into a Fjord in Spanish walk. This lil studly man is a pretty dunskin in color, wth leg barring and a dorsal typical of this coloration. Very faint dappling on his rump. "Dun" in pastels and acrylics, he has a hand sculpted grassy base for stability. So much character and expression in his sweet face! Created summer 2019.

February is National Model Painting Month- NaMoPaiMo. For the model horse hobby, it's an opportunity to participate in a challenge- to paint one model between February 1 and February 28. This is not as easy as it sounds in the shortest month of the year! NaMoPaiMo is the brainchild of Jennifer Buxton and it has evolved into an event that inspires and educates as participants share tips, techniques and their progress in pictures on the NaMoPaiMo Facebook group. Originally a Breyer "Wahoo King", his customizing was started by Barbara Connors. A dear friend picked him up and had him in her sales items at SouthCon two years ago. I fell in love, and he became mine. A lot of customizing work and more than two weeks spent on painting and creating his base, and he is now a dapple grey Shire gelding o/b Mary Berry. Finished February 2019. 

Nikki O'Neil donated her darling mini scale "Barnaby" draft horse resin to the 2018 Southern Model Horse Convention show, and I could not wait to see him as a roan! I have made a few changes in that he is now a gelding and had some adjustments made to his shoulders/chest- as I was prepping, there were some very large air bubbles in the resin that required resculpting in that area. Since he was now a gelding I figured I'd add a little belly, too- you know, he's meant to be someone's much-loved "pasture potato" . He is painted a hair-by-hair blue roan with subtle reverse dappling and roan hairs at the base of the mane and tail. His hooves are not a monochrome black but also have subtle striping (I used my real Morgans as reference for that; not a one of them have solid black hooves!). Finished September 2018.

MEM No Inhabitions resin, silver bay. A custom order for Lisa Sents, this Morgan mare sculpted by the incomparable Jennifer Scott was a true delight to paint! And in my favorite color :-) Finished in pastels with acrylic details, June 2018.

Jennifer Scott's lovely traditional scale Zephyrus resin- a Arabian gelding with attitude! The details in this sculpt are simply incredible, right down to the teeth and tongue in his open mouth. Painted to a medium dapple gray in pastels, colored pencils and acrylics. Lots of details to match the quality of the sculpt- his hooves even have subtle striping and growth rings, and the raised upturned hoof has shedding sole material carefully detailed around the frog. Owned by Kate Cabot, finished September 2018.


My 2018 NaMoPaiMo models! Founded by Jennifer Buxton last year, National Model Painting Month (NaMoPaiMo) is modeled after the successful National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). NaMoPaiMo participants are challenged to paint one model horse between 12:00 AM February 1 and 11:59 PM February 28. This is not a competition. The emphasis is on the experience of painting, with challenges met and for the learning experience. The NaMoPaiMo Facebook page provides participants with tutorials, support and motivation. It was a wonderful experience! I had started customizing a Breyer/Love Swaps as a portrait of my dun Morgan mare Lacey last summer, but like many projects I start for myself, it languished on the shelf while I worked on commissions and sales pieces. NaMoPaiMo gave me the perfect incentive to finally finish something for myself! And as my "bonus model", I customized one of my 2014 lying foal resins as a portrait of Sweetie, Lacey's 2017 filly, at about one month of age- partially shed out "raccoon face" and all :-) They look beautiful together in my china cabinet and will be enjoyed for years to come, bringing back great memories as both real horses have found new homes. I already have my NaMoPaiMo 2019 model chosen and can hardly wait til next year to bring him to life! Thank you Jennifer Bray Buxton for all your hard work on this wonderful event!
Becky Turner donated this “so stinking CUTE” pony bas relief medallion to the 2017 Southern Model Horse convention and I did some minor CMing on it before painting it a bay silver. The original was named “Holly” and it was a winter coat pony with a small holly decoration on the bottom. I removed the holly and made her into a summer coat pony for a little something different! With a faux marble painted frame. Created using pastels and acrylics. Owned by Johanna McClanahan.

  Morgen Kilbourn Rossamondo donated her “Tango” medallion to the 2016 SouthCon, but it arrived after the show- so I held it over for 2017 and painted this “big hair” dude to a bay dun with frosting. The frame is painted gold and really accents the “golden” stallion. That eye draws you in!

“Topsails Rosebud” Customized Breyer old classic scale QH mare completely CMed to a bay roan. This was my summer 2017 project (with many months of daily work on it) and no detail has been spared- right down to the tiny maiden mare udder (forgot to take pictures of it but it is there!). Inspired by a mare I found while surfing the web one day (Poppy) who I thought was just beautiful. I’ve probably forgotten all I added/resculpted on this piece (darned old age!) but here goes: deeper heartgirth, head/neck moved around to the right, legs lengthened, belly tucked, new mane and tail, longer face with completely new muzzle, new ears set closer together. Despite all that I did to it, I tried to keep to the spirit of the original piece, sculpted by one of my favorite equine artists, Maureen Love. The paintjob has hair by hair roaning, which is a bit hard to see on a model this scale but I did include a closeup of the flank where it is a little more visible. She also has very subtle reverse dapples, sometimes found on roans. Owned by Lisa Wickham.

Jennifer Kroll donated her gorgeous “Lil Rio” Miniature horse resin to the 2017 SouthCon benefit auction and I could not wait to paint him a quintessential Miniature Horse color- silver- in this case, buckskin silver! He has subtle dappling and lots of hair by hair detail in the mane and tail. This is a really beautiful sculpt, with such character, attitude, and expression. My photos do the piece no justice- it must be seen in person. The base is painted to look like white marble- a really classy effect. Owned by Susan Taylor.

Breyer Valegro CM to Morgan mare "Indigo Sierra"- (Brigitte Eberl sculpture) with a more Morgan-y head and neck, resculpted mane and tail added. Painted dapple sooty buckskin in pastels and acrylics, spring 2017. Owned by Dana Nolan Flaherty.

May 2017-  One of my very favorite paintjobs is this dark bay roan on Stacey Tumlinson's awesome mini Fabrizio. He is just a lil punkin and loaded with detail! Hair by hair roaning that is hard to see without a magnifying glass, it's subtle and in scale with this small piece. He even has reverse dappling as some roans do. I haven't done a roan in years and I'm just tickled at how well he came out! Painted in acrylics, pastel and colored pencil glossed eyes and hooves. Owned by Susan Taylor.


Donna Chaney Welsh Cob stallion, body donated by Tom Bainbridge to the 2016 SouthCon show. CMed to a chestnut sabino. The pattern was inspired by Lewella Tembreull's beautiful Champion American Shetland, Willowlawn Mr. Unique (thank you Lewella for the additional detail photos you sent- very helpful!). Lots of hair by hair detailing over a pastel base coat, lengthened tail and new original sculpture base with felted bottom. There's so much animation in this sculpt; it's one of my favorites by Donna.

Kristina Lucas Francis' "Morsel" mini resin with a lowered and resculpted neck, slightly resculpted/refined head and ears, braided mane and new tail, painted a black leopard Appaloosa in pastels and acrylics. The pattern used for this guy was Stephanie Blaylock's App pony "Goosebumps". I've watched his dressage career with interest so it was only natural that when I thought "I'll do an Appy on this guy"- which by the way, I haven't done since at least the mid 1980's!- that Goose would be the "model"! Thank you Stephanie for all the helpful additional detail pictures! Because this is a tippy pose, I added a base that securely holds the model without even needing sticky wax. It is removable/separate and the model stands without it, however in a show environment it is nice to have the added security of the base. Painted September 2016.

  This complete CM on the Breyer/Love classic QH stallion mold was created in Setember 2015 for the SouthCon benefit auction. He has lengthened legs, a new longer tail, and facial refinement. Pastelled to red dun, he is owned by Kate Cabot.

Stacey Tumlinson's mini Finn resin painted (in pastel with some acrylic detail) to a sandy bay. I resculpted his tail to be longer as well. Fall 2015.

Becky Turner's magnificent Welsh plaque was donated by Tom Bainbridge to the 2015 Southern Model Horse Convention. Airen Chandler was the lucky winning bidder and had me paint and pastel the piece to a gorgeous dappled buckskin.

Stacey Tumlinson's Dacaprio customized with a braided mane, a shortened back, a more dished profile and a higher raised left foreleg. That forearm was also lengthened. He is probably my most favorite dapple gray to date. Pastelled in September 2014 and sold in the 2014 SouthCon auction.


I love Stacey Tumlinson's work, so I was really happy when Tom Bainbridge donated her Finn mini scale draft horse resin to the 2013 Southern Model Horse Convention auction. I auctioned it with a paint job in the buyer's choice of color, and the bid was won by Jo Kindley. Jo had me paint Finn to the buckskin splash pattern of MEMC On Target, a splash Morgan. We were both thrilled with how he came out! Pastel and acrylic, painted January 2014.

This is the mini (about 3" to eartips) Cromwell sculpted by the renowned Doris Lindner, who sculpted for Royal Worcester. He was donated to the 25th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction by Jackie Moore. Kate Cabot won the bid and had me paint/pastel him to a bay roany tobiano-sabino. I don't do many pintos and I think this is the first roany one I have ever done. Painted January 2013.



This is a resin American Saddlebred stallion medallion sculpted by the mega talented Linda York. Linda kindly donated the unpainted piece to the 25th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction last fall. It was sold on ebay and the winning bidder chose to have me pastel it to a bright bay. I love this piece so much- I wish I could keep it! Painted in pastels with acrylic bridle and eye detail in January 2013.3.
Here is Morgen Killbourn's "Eros" medallion painted to a liver chestnut for Carolyn Hastings, to match her Morgan gelding, Scandia's Gentleman in Red. Morgen donated the unpainted medallion to the 25th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction, and Carolyn was the lucky winner. Thank you Morgen and Carolyn! Painted in pastels with acrylic eye detail in November 2012.
This is the Edgington/Davies mini stock horse sculpture "Peewee B. E. (Bold Endeavor) which I resculpted to be on the bit (not overbent), a new mane, resculpted through the hips and shoulders, legs and hooves refined, and head and ears refined. He was painted in pastels and acrylics to a dappled golden buckskin. Owned by Gail Schueneman. Finished in August 2012.
The Blessed Broodmare Project relief plaque, sculpted by Kelly Savage, painted in pastels. The mare is bay dun and the foal is a brown buckskin. Artist's collection. Finished in August 2012.
Morgen Kilbourn's "Flitwick" jumping pony resin painted in pastels to a dappled brown buckskin. Owned by Bev Manderfeld. Painted in August 2012.

I have always worked in acrylics, but at the 2011 1 Southern Model Horse Convention (the live show we host here at the farm) my favorite models were done in pastels. I'd been fortunate to watch Paige Easley work in pastels when she attended SouthCon a few years previous, and to see her finished work first hand at the show (it won everything!). For some reason, the gorgeous models at this year's year's show really lit a creative fire under my tail, and I decided to try pastels. Google was my friend as I read everything I could find about pastelling models on the Internet, and watched every YouTube video on the subject! Jaime Castleman's Yahoo group was a huge help, too. I went supply shopping at Michael's, and ordered other necessary items from Dick Blick, and finally everything was assembled and I was ready to go. For my first pastelled model I decided to use a SM in case things went horribly wrong ;-) rather than one of the more expensive unpainted resins I had on hand. Of course, it had to be a Morgan, and it had to be a silver...

I am just thrilled with her, though I must say she sure went through a lot of ugly stages before she got to this point! The same thing happens when I work in acrylic, though (I paint in thin layers, light to dark, much the same technique as pastels require), so I knew to persevere. I am so glad that I did! I am now a pastel convert! Created in late October/early November 2011, and sold in the 2012 Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction.

Maureen Love's sculptures are always a favorite to paint. Here is her mini scale Arabian mare, produced in plastic by Breyer, customized with ears forward, a new mane and longer tail, and refined legs. Painted a medium dapple gray, she was the high selling lot in the 2011 Southern Model Horse Convention's Benefit Auction. Owned by Pauline Entin, and created in September 2011.

This big girl was one of the very few traditional scale resins I have painted in the last 5 years, and I found it took me a LOT longer than I thought it would- I'm just too used to painting minis! My color reference for painting were photos of the palomino Morgan stallion Sir's Sunny, who can be seen here (scroll down to his pictures in the "S" section). Owned by Paige Jones, who kindly waited very patiently over a year for her- thank you, Paige! It usually does not take me that long to complete a custom order, but I am also usually painting something quite a bit smaller! Completed July 2011.  

Sarah Minkewicz's Morgan medallion painted dark bay/brown. This beauty was the ultimate pleasure to paint- Sarah's work is just SO beautiful and this is a very evocative piece. Commissioned by Kristal Homoki as a Christmas gift for her Mother, owner of the Morgan stallion Springlake Pallidin, who the medallion was painted as a portrait of. Finished in December 2010.

Morgen Kilbourn's "Echo" medallion painted flaxen chestnut, as a portrait of the Morgan gelding, Dusky Duke ("Dude"), who can be seen on the MtnTop Morgans website. Owned by Kristal Homoki, who purchased this medallion as a 25th anniversary present for her husband Kurt, Dude's owner. Finished in November 2010.  

I think this is one of my all time favorite dapple gray paint jobs! She is such a soft, pretty color! Carlee Balling's mini scale warmblood mare resin, painted in December 2010. Owned by Pauline Entin.

This handsome fellow, on one of my favorite molds, is also owned by Pauline Entin. He is the old SM Morgan stallion (another Maureen Love sculpture) with the legs cleaned up and articulated better in the fetlocks, ears and head slightly resculpted, tail made free swinging rather than attached to his leg, and painted a pretty dappled flaxen liver chestnut. Completed in November 2010.

This may be a “simple CM”, but actually there’s nothing simple about all the work that was done on this lovely little Breyer old mold Stablemate Morgan mare! She was first impeccably prepped, with carved out ears and hooves, and a refined/resculpted muzzle. Her legs were refined, especially in the fetlock area, and her hooves were resculpted to all be symmetrical. She had a bit of a pudgy belly which has been reduced, as has the slight bulge on her under neck. I thought the tail on the original mold was a little short; after all, Morgans are known for their long flowing locks! So I added a bit of length to her tail, now gracefully draped behind her. I carefully kept my sculpting to the style and “feel” of the original piece, which is one of my favorite sculptures by the late Maureen Love Calvert of Hagen Renaker fame. She then was finished as a dappled buckskin silver. No detail has been spared, from the shading in the dapples to each hand painted hair of her mane and tail. Created in September 2010 for the 2010 Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction.

Mini "Ravenhill" CM. This guy had his mane removed, tail resculpted, neck resculpting, ears refined and painted red dun. August 2010. Owned by Kate Cabot.  

I love painting Sarah Rose's sculptures and this Tennessee Walking Horse mare "Mindy" was a special treat! There are such beautiful details in her sculpting. She is owned by Barb Ness. Painted in July 2009. In August 2009, this pretty little mare won Overall Breed Champ AR Mini, Overall Workmanship Champ AR Mini and then won the Grand Championship of the division at the Mid Valley Classic in Albany, Oregon- her very first show!

What a beautifully emotional piece this sculpture is! Debbie Buckler had me paint this plaque- a fundraiser for the International Blessed Broodmare Project- as their rescued draft mare Cinderella and her foal Bandero. Cinders is a blue roan going gray and Bandero is a black or brown (going to be gray). I really enjoyed painting this complex, detailed piece and would not mind painting a few more! You can order it here and ask Debbie to send it directly to me to be painted!

Randy and Debbie Buckler of Resins by Randy kindly donated an unpainted Damiana (sculpted by Judy Renee Pope/Rebecca Turner) to the 2008 Southern Model Horse Convention's Benefit Auction. Barbara Hewitt was the winning bidder on this exquisite piece and had me paint her to look like Amberfield's Dun Lovin', a dun Morgan mare formerly owned by me and owned at that time by Barbara's daughter, Amanda. I had not painted a large scale model in years, but I found it was actually easier than painting the minis!

Tibbi Searcher's "Deseo" slightly CMed to a buckskin splash Abaco Barb. This guy is definitely a flashy attention getter despite his small size! I straightened his facial profile slightly, smoothed and rounded the croup a bit, and added a soft waterfall of hair at the tailhead. Striking blue eyes and detailed dappling complete the picture. Created in September 2007 and sold in the 2007 Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction.  

Breyer SM standing foal (sculpted by Maureen Love) painted to a buckskin silver Morgan foal (still in foal coat). I love doing colors I haven't done before, and this was one of them! I can only recall ever painting one buckskin silver before and that was an adult. Buckskin silver foals often look like palomino or light buckskin foals; the chocolate ear tips and back of fetlocks, as well as the gray-brown mix of hair in the mane and root of the tail, are a clue to the presence of the silver gene as well. Painted in September 2007 and owned by Kate Cabot. 

Breyer classic Arabian foal, sculpted by Maureen Love, painted to a dunalino Morgan filly. This was another color I hadn't done before. Dunalino foals are notoriously hard to identify; they may have few visible signs of having the dun gene, looking mostly like a palomino. Others have a more peachy tone, a faint dorsal and leg barring indicating the presence of the dun gene; when they shed the foal coat, the dun markings may become much more vivid. This little filly is about three weeks old and just beginning to shed around her mouth and eyes. If you look closely you can see faint leg barring on her. Owned by Tom Bainbridge. Painted in August 2007.

SM Morgan stallion (old mold) to a flaxen liver chestnut. I so enjoy painting any of Maureen Love's sculptures! This one goes in Tom Bainbridge's SM Morgan stallion "conga line" (scroll down to see 3 more of them!). Painted in August 2007.  

Karen Gerhardt's "Meribel" Draft filly to a silver dapple splash/sabino Gypsy Cob. I find foals of any breed to be irresistible! Owned by Christine Patterson.  

Breyer Stablemate Highland Pony CM to silver dapple black. I seldom get to paint a "pony-style" silver dapple; most light horse silvers do not exhibit the heavily dappled form of silver. So I was thrilled when Angel Gordon won the bid on a custom paint job I donated to GEM Live 2006 and asked me to paint this SM as a silver dapple! February 2007. 

Tibbi Searcher's "Deseo" painted dark dapple gray. Tibbi kindly donated two of these resins to the 2006 Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction (the second was auctioned for the 2007 show; he is pictured earlier on this page). Sally Nash purchased him and commissioned me to paint him a dark dapple gray as a portrait of her Andalusian gelding, Casanova. February 2007.  

Sometimes the neatest customs are just simple repaints on a really excellent mold. Such is the case with this trio of handsome gentlemen painted on Maureen Love's sculpture of a Morgan stallion, originally created for Hagen Renaker in the 1950's but later produced in plastic by Breyer. Painted in December 2006 and January 2007, the sooty palomino and sooty buckskin are owned by Kate Cabot and the seal brown by Tom Bainbridge. This mold is a favorite of mine due to its expression and undeniable Morgan type.

Deborah McDermott's "Paisley" as a buckskin going gray- what an interesting challenge this color was to paint! Painted in January 2007. Owned by Debbie Farrell.

Morgen Kilbourn's "Flitwick" pony, silver dapple splash- I love this model. Seldom do we see a sculpture that captures the true "pony character", but this little guy certainly has it. What better color to paint him than the quintessential pony color of silver dapple black, with minimal splash markings to make him even more interesting, including a blue eye! Donated by Morgen to benefit the 19th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention. Painted in September 2006. Owned by Lisa Algarin. 

Deborah McDermott's "Paisley" Arabian mare painted grulla. Years ago we had the most exquisite grulla part Arab boarded with us. I've wanted to do a model of that horse for a long time, and when Deborah donated a Paisley to the 2006 SouthCon benefit auction, I got my chance! He has lots of dun factor markings including leg barring, wither striping, face masking, mane and tail frosting and a dorsal with "barbs", along with subtle shading that shifts to a buff colored belly. Owned by Anita Poole.

Donna Chaney's mini scale Welsh Cob mare, buckskin. This little mare reminded me so much of my Morgan mare Kennebec Topaz that I just had to paint her buckskin! She was a custom order for  Emily Leslie. May 2006. 

Chaney Friesian to a liver chestnut sabino rabicano Welsh Cob. I had a lot of fun painting all those roany hairs! Also owned by Emily Leslie. May 2006.

  Mini "Nahar', Arabian stallion painted to a dapple rose gray. Sarah Rose's work is always a pleasure to paint! Owned by Barb Ness. Spring 2006. 

CM on Carlee Balling's mini Morgan resin, painted to a flaxen liver chestnut. This refined, leggy little horse got some bone added to the legs, head prettied up and more jowl added, a slightly different mane with shorter bridlepath, more depth through the flanks, stifles and flanks resculpted, and probably more that I've forgotten! "He" is now a "she". She won the Morgans class at the September 2006 Meows and Minis live show. Owned by Diane Thiele. Painted in spring 2006. 

Chris Jolly's WBP Barrister Morgan resin in grulla. This was a portrait model done for Jackie Wyandt of her grulla Morgan gelding, Storm Quest (pictured on the right). Notice the interesting brindling on Stormy's flanks and fainter brindling along his dorsal area. I really enjoyed painting these unique details! Winter 2005-06.

This beautiful traditional scale Morgan mare started out as "Intaada", an Arabian, sculpted by the very talented Linda York. I could envision this mare becoming a Morgan and Linda gave me the go ahead. The head and neck have the most resculpting on this piece, and the mane has been changed a bit as well. A 2005 Southern Model Horse Convention Benefit Auction model. Owned by Debbie Farrell.  

Jen Timm customized a Breyer Stablemate "Seabiscuit" to a Trotter and I then customized the resulting resin to a sport type Morgan mare in bay silver. This was an auction piece for the 2002 Southern Model Horse Convention. Head refined, new mane and forelock added. This is one of my all-time favorite pieces and was at one point owned by Sandy Tomezik, although I'm not sure who owns it now.

Lisa Rivera mini scale Morgan (Little Bits scale) custom to a dark bay. This little guy was such fun to work with! He's had his neck reworked a bit, head resculpted, and other things that I no longer remember the specifics of. Such a nice, typy Morgan! Summer 2001.

Donna Chaney mini Welsh Cob to a Morgan stallion, sooty palomino. I am a big fan of Donna's work and have done many nice customs on them over the years. This guy just needed to lose his feathered legs and he made a perfect Morgan stallion. Fall 2001.

"Until Forever", CM Brigitte Eberl warmblood foal to a chestnut sabino/splash Morgan colt. Inspired by a sport type Morgan colt out of Sunleaf's Sassafras, a mare I used to own (a headshot of the real colt, Battersea Phoenix, can be seen here). He has a blue eye and minimal splash + sabino markings. I created a new mane and tail for him and did other resculpting that I no longer recall the specifics of. Another of my all-time favorite pieces. 1999. 

Kathleen Moody's "Magnificence" Morgan stallion to sooty buckskin. This typy, traditional scale Morgan stallion was an extremely popular resin in the mid-late 90's. Beautiful expression on this model! Painted in 1999.

Kristina Lucas-Francis' "Kulfi" Marwari stallion, to a seal brown Morgan stallion. Kristina's style is reminiscent of the work of my favorite equine sculptor, Maureen Love. A little head refinement and a new mane and forelock and this undeniably Morgan stallion was born! I do tend to want to make a Morgan out of everything that I see! Created in 1998.   

Stablemate Morgan mare to an amber champagne partbred. I love painting the dilution colors, but since I paint mostly Morgans, I don't get to practice champagnes very much. This was just a simple paintjob on Maureen Love's beautiful mini Morgan mare mold. 1999.

Hagen Renaker mini "Liberty Belle" Morgan mare to a brown dun. Another simple repaint on a  Maureen Love piece. 1999.

"Kennebec Topaz", customized Breyer classic "Terrang", sculpted by Maureen Love, to buckskin Morgan filly. A portrait model of my 1992 buckskin mare of the same name. Created in 1993 and intended to represent Topaz as a yearling.

"Radiance Eliza Babe", customized Breyer classic "Ginger" to a portrait model of a liver chestnut Morgan mare I used to own. Liza did lots of winning both live and photo. This picture was on the cover of the Pony Express model horse hobby magazine in the mid 90's. Created in 1989. 

"Sleepy Too McCue", customized Breyer traditional "Halla" to a chestnut Appaloosa gelding. A portrait model of the real "Sleepy" (shown on the right, with me showing him in a halter class at an open show in 1985). LOTS of resculpting on this model!

"*Africa", customized Shirmar ceramic copy of Hagen Renaker large "Amir", gray Arabian gelding. This curvy Arabian looked beautiful in a simple white gray with minimum flea biting. 1984.

"La Belle Farceur", customized Breyer Clydesdale mare (sculpted by Christian Hess) to blonde sorrel Belgian mare, with a new short tail, leg feathering removed, and head turned slightly right. I later found out that mares don't show in a surcingle! It's a cool old pic anyways! Created in 1981.

"Casenna", customized Breyer #48 Morgan, flaxen liver chestnut Morgan mare. Casenna was a portrait model of a real Morgan mare of the same name. One of my first very successful customized models (the other being a gray Quarter Horse mare named Positive Image), Casenna was the 1980 American Model Morgan Horse Association Grand National Champion. Created in 1978. 
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