September 2023 half German Shepherd, half Goldendoodle neutered male

We lost our Nellie dog to cancer on the morning of January 11, 2024. They say nature abhors a vacuum and two days without a dog in the house was two too many. I follow the local Animal Control Facebook pages as well as many local rescues. From time to time I'd see a post for an SBD (that's for Southern Black Dog, the typical black Lab/mix we tend to like) that reminded me of Sophie, who we lost to histiocytosis in March 2023,and I'd send Jim the link. On  Monday January 8 I saw a listing with our local AC for a dog that reminded me very much of Sophie. I sent the link to Jim. And didn't think much more about it until Thursday, after we said goodbye to Nellie.

The dog was on a stray hold until Friday January12. So on Friday morning I told Jim we needed to go to AC and look at him. That conversation went something like this:

ME: "We need to go to AC and look at that dog."

JIM: "Which dog?"

ME: "That dog I sent you the link for earlier in the week."

JIM: "I went and saw him yesterday and we are second in line for him."

ME: "You did what? (not really surprised as this is not the first time Jim has done this) Well, what was he like?"

JIM: "He licked my fingers and seemed like a Sophie-type dog."

Well, the timing wasn't great for a new addition but off we went to Newton County Animal Control any way. The people who were first in line for the dog never showed up to claim him at their appointed time, so we signed the paperwork to adopt him. He was in his neuter surgery when we arrived, so I didn't get to meet him until the next morning when we picked him up.

We are calling our new addition Newton after the AC where we found him. He is indeed very much like Sophie, loving and smart. When we got him he still had puppy teeth and BIG paws, so he is young (our vet thought 14-16 weeks at the time we adopted him) and will be big. The Shelter labeled him as a Flat Coated Retriever, and interestingly enough, that is the breed that Sophie had been labeled by the shelter we got her from (different shelter). His Embark DNA test came back- and Newton is actually half German Shepherd and half Goldendoodle! I was not surprised as he has the hind leg angulation, deep bark and gait of the Shepherd and otherwise his body shape and face say Poodle (the curly coat on his hind end and tail is another clue!). Newton has an interesting characteristic- he has hind dew claws! Welcome, Newton!

Newton's listing on Facebook that I sent to Jim, thinking he looked a bit like Sophie. I never would have guessed we'd lose Nellie a few days later and Jim would go to the Shelter and put our names in for adopting Newton.

January 13, 2024- Newton's first day with us.

Newton likes to go between our legs. I don't know if this a security thing or just one of his quirks.

Newton has claimed his spot!

Newton and Laura on Day One in his new home.

January 21, 2024- A boy and his dog.

January 30, 2024- Newton has been with us for a little over two weeks. He has fit pretty seamlessly into our lives. No housebreaking mistakes so far. He makes us smile and has been a bright spot in a time when we've had a lot of sick old horses to worry about.

February 21, 2024- Newton has been home for about 6 weeks now. He is a Very Good Boy and is growing fast! He weighed 47 pounds at his last vet appointment for his final puppy shots.

March 13, 2024- We have a lot of family visits coming up in the next two weeks. Today was a visit with our niece Josie Behning and her Mom Janet Hawlik Behning. The horses (and Newton!) were happy with the extra attention.

March 16, 2024- Our friend Rhonda Evans farm sat for us while we went to Louisville KY for our nephew's wedding. She took some lovely pictures of our critters during her stay. Here is Newton with one of his favorite playthings, a big stick.

April 1, 2024- Newton just keeps getting bigger! The last pic shows his T Rex imitation!

June 1, 2024-My friend Lesli Kathman posted some beautiful pictures of her collie Quinn in front of her hydrangeas on Facebook yesterday and I was inspired! Our yard is exploding with beautiful flowers right now- even the crepe myrtle is already blooming! So here is our "Shepadoodle" (per Embark DNA) Newton in front of our Rose of Sharon and one of the hydrangeas. Newton joined the family in January a few days after we lost our last dog, Nellie, to cancer. He has been a Good Boy aside from the typical puppy goofiness. Getting a wiggly almost 9-month-old puppy to pose working by myself was not the easiest task but he does sit/stay pretty well so I got a few good pics. I am wondering if Rhonda Evans worked with him on his obedience while she farm sat for us when we went to our nephew's wedding back in March because Newton was a lot better at sit-stay after we got home!

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