January 2011 spayed female mixed breed

I had been watching the website of the Walton County Animal Shelter since we adopted Nellie, our black mixed breed pup, from them in December 2010. I don't know why I do it because it generally makes me so sad to see entire litters of puppies dumped there, the dogs their owners surrender to the Shelter because they are tired of them for some stupid reason, and the old dogs whose owners have passed on and left no provision for their pets. When one gets adopted (they update the site multiple times per day) it is a huge relief. Thankfully they have a great network of local rescues working with them, so a lot of dogs do get adopted rather than euthanized.

The week of May 16, 2011 a puppy appeared on the site who looked very much like Nellie but with more hair. Being black, she did not have a good chance at being adopted. Sure enough, day after day, she was still there- until it was 5 days past her hold time. They don't usually keep them that long but sweet, adoptable dogs they do try to hold longer if they have room. It was just eating at me; I was so worried she was going to get put to sleep. I mentioned her to Jim but said I knew we couldn't take on another mouth to feed and asked if he knew anyone who was looking for a dog (he didn't).  Early one morning a few days later, he said to me "so when are we going to get the puppy?" I kind of looked at him funny, said I didn't think we could "do" 3 dogs, and went back to bed. Jim left to go pick up a load of hay before it got hot. I could not sleep, and I knew why. I called Jim and said "isn't the Shelter on the way home from getting hay?" He said yes, so I asked him if he was going to look at the puppy. He said he had thought he would. "But what about a collar and leash?", I asked. He said "I brought one with me". Ah, the truth was out- he was going to go get her all along!

The Shelter was calling her "Tanya" but I couldn't keep that name- it would just remind me of Tonya Harding! We think she is perhaps a Border Collie and Poodle, as she has a wavy coat. The Shelter was calling her a Curly Coated Retriever/Border Collie cross; some folks thought Portuguese Water Dog when they saw her pictures. Our vet thought she had some Cocker Spaniel in there. She's kind of a "who knows?" dog- but she is very unique and I have never seen another one quite like her!

Sophie is one of the kindest animals I have ever known. She is probably not the smartest, but she does listen well (most of the time!). Nellie enjoys her playmate although she is the dominant dog in the relationship and often cannot resist lording it over poor Sophie. Thankfully, Sophie is happy to be submissive and just lets it roll off. I am so glad we were able to take Sophie in after all!

Here is Sophie's listing on the Shelter website, which gives a little of her story. It really is a bad picture - her front legs are completely straight!

Funny curly pup!

Sophie's first day home. Jim with the "Black Pack" (L-R)- Sophie, Jackson and Nellie.

With her new friend Nellie.

Hunting for windfall apples with Jackson.

August 2011, 7 months old.

August 8, 2011- We fenced off our apple trees in the front yard in an attempt to stop the dogs from eating so many. Well, that worked for one out of the three dogs ;-) Sophie at first was going through the hole she made in the fence (visible just below her in this picture), but she has gotten too big to fit through it. So, now she just jumps the fence. In the first three pics, she is returning to the yard with her prize; the last one was "posed" as I was having a time getting the camera to focus, so I called her back over the fence a few times for the photo op :-). Look at that beautiful form over the fence! George Morris would be proud!

I have a hard time getting pictures of Sophie, as she always wants to come to me so I get snoot views :-) Here is Sophie with Nellie, September 2011. Sophie is 8 months old here.

January 2012- Both Sophie and Nellie are pushing 40 pounds, so a bit on the large side for lap dogs- especially when they BOTH are in your lap at once! Sophie is a year old now.

April 2012- Sophie is considerably more fluffy now than she was when we brought her home.

July 3, 2013- Buddies Jackson (right) and Sophie sacked out on the couch.

2/13/14- We think it is very cute when Jackson lies with his paws crossed, and Sophie does it too!

4/19/14- When the mail lady is coming down the street in her truck, Sophie is wired and ready for action!


January 2015- Sophie's favorite place to lay is by the living room window, where she can be on guard against the "evil" mail truck. The crossed paws just crack me up.

June 19, 2016- My friend Cassidy Sutherland brought her 8 month old son Evan out to see the horses. Here Sophie is checking Evan out.

Left, October 30, 2016. Jackson (right) and Sophie enjoying the end of the day together, as was their daily habit. Less than two weeks later, Jackson passed. Right, November 22, 2016- Sophie in her usual spot, watching the world go by... but without her buddy Jackson :-(

October 6, 2017- We had a houseful of guests for the 30th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention. Lisa Garcia's friend, Destiny, entertained our dogs, who greatly enjoyed the added attention. Here is our "curly dog" soaking up some lovin'.

Jim and his curly dog, September 1, 2019.

November 11, 2019- Sophie and Nellie wrestling like puppies- I don't think they're aware they are 8 and 9 years old, respectively!

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