(KS Bluestem The Old Guard X Coral Forest)
2020 chestnut colt, 100% Foundation

Pictured at 6 days old

Foaled at 10:45 PM (on Coral's due date)- it's a chestnut colt with a star and one hind sock! Unfortunately Coral retained her placenta so there was a 3 AM emergency vet visit. The next afternoon I went out to feed at 5:30 and Coral was acting colicky and lo and behold there was this obvious piece of placenta in the middle of the stall! And NO manure in the stall all day. So Jim went and retrieved the larger, thought-to-be-complete placenta from the compost pile (fortunately still intact and not scavenged by anything but a few ants) and turns out even after having the vet come last night due to the retained placenta, Coral still had had the tip of one horn of the placenta in her!!! We called the vet- AGAIN. There was no call back for awhile so we called another vet (who used to be the backup for our vet who retired in February, so we'd seen them before). Dr. Elliot came right out, sedated Coral and gave Banamine, lavaged her uterus, gave her oil and water orally since she was mildly impacted as well, and put her on antibiotics and pain meds for at least the next week. Thankfully no fever. The lavage process was repeated over the next five days. This has been my first experience with "after foaling" problems and to say it has been a stressful few weeks would be an understatement.

However, Thunder has been well socialized as a result and has yet to meet a stranger. He is a very bold and brave colt, smart and easy to work with. He will almost certainly be over 15 hands at maturity. With three wonderful gaits- including an incredible suspended trot- he is an excellent CDE, dressage or CT competition horse. He would also make a magnificent stallion prospect- but because we already have one mature stallion here on less than 9 acres we have no place for another, so Thunder will be gelded this fall if not spoken for sooner. As a stallion or gelding,  he will be an excellent partner - and friend- for the serious competitor.

Thunder has no modern outcrosses in his pedigree- he is 100% Foundation. His maternal ancestry features several horses that had great influence in southern breeding programs of fifty years ago, such as the beautiful Adrian Ashmore and Pineland Red Roger, a son of Jolly Roger (Joe Young's foundation stallion) out of the Sonfield daughter Princess Field. He also has two crosses to the great palomino stallion Californio. Thunder has some wonderful Lippitt breeding through Lippitt Miss Nekomia, Lippitt Ashmore, Lippitt Ethan Ash, Lippitt Moro Ash, and Lippitt George; old government through Devan Hawk, Gay Dancer, Linsley and Querido; old midwest with Dude Hudson and Archie O; Western Working from such greats as Headlight Morgan, Red Oak, Will Rogers, and The Admiral; and numerous crosses to such old Brunk greats as Flyhawk, Allen King and Knox Morgan. His sire's side is linebred old midwest through the Sweet's horses, and his tail male line goes to the great National Pairs Driving Champion, Kennebec Count. Thunder is truly bred to breed on.

Thunder is SOLD. He will become long time friend Kate Cabot's future CDE horse! We are excited to see where Thunder and Kate's adventures take them together!

KA Bluestem The Old Guard 

Kansas Buffalo Soldier Kell's In Kirby's Honor
Burchtree Roxanne
Sweet's Jada Babe Sweet's Jet Hawk
T-Bone Card's Fancy

Coral Forest

World's Edge Goldoak Californio
Ponderosa's Miss Quiz
Kennebec Topaz Medomak Cavalier
Kennebec Opal

Thunder's extended pedigree can be seen here.
There are pictures of many of his ancestors there as well.

6 days old, in the big pasture for the first time

Three weeks old, showing his amazing suspension at the trot

More photos of Thunder
(click on a thumbnail to enlarge)

April 22, 2020- Coral greeting her newborn colt, about 11 PM, and a short while later before we knew anything was wrong with her.

April 24, 2020- Thunder spent his first 48 hours in the stall since Coral needed treatment for her retained placenta and we wanted to keep her relatively quiet lest she run a fever. She was quite vigilant about "protecting" Thunder from neighboring horses and took about a week to fully settle and relax. Thunder enjoyed his first excursion outside even if his Mom was a little worried about him!

Thunder is tuckered out after his first day out!

April 28, 2020- In the bigger pasture for the first time at 6 days old. With more room to run, he is definitely channeling his inner Secretariat!

This is a lovely moving colt. I think he is shows a bit of his Hearst Arabian heritage that comes through Coral's sire's side back to the stallion Sabab.

Coral had her 5th and final uterine lavage the night before these pictures were taken. She is acting more herself every day.

Official "6 days old" picture. There is much to like here. Brad Brownlow, a long time Morgan breeder, commented on this picture on Facebook: "Fantastic colt, a Morgan at first glance, so correct, bet he can tip his head right over at the poll, mark of a real saddle horse!"

May 6, 2020- two weeks old.

May 14, 2020- Ariel and Thunder have become great friends through the fence. I'm not sure I'll actually put then in the same field together because they will eventually have to be separated when one or the other goes to a new home, so it is probably better that they are not TOO attached.

May 14, 2020- three weeks old and looking ever so handsome!

"I believe I can fly..."

May 21, 2020- Thunder one day shy of his official one month birthday. He is pictured after his leading lesson of the day, wearing the halter that all of our foals- from the very first one, Willy Remember Me, in 1986- have worn as their first halter.
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