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PLEASE READ the class notes below to determine where your horses should go.

We must enforce a five minute rule between classes; please be reasonable as to how many horses you can show in performance without taking too much time. Any class that is sufficiently large will be split appropriately.

There is a limit of three horses per person per class. However, if you specialize in a particular breed, you may show up to five of that one breed only in their respective breed class (you're on your honor here, folks!). We will split large classes, so do not worry that the classlist is not broken down more than it is. This allows us to "customize" the show according to what types of horses show up, ensuring full classes with excellent competition!


**TB/WB- ONLY Thoroughbreds and traditional European warmbloods (Trakehner, Hanoverian, Dutch Warmblood) in this class, please.
**Pony- includes Miniature Horses, and all Welsh sections, including Cobs. Will be split if warranted.
**Draft Breeds- includes Belgians, Clydesdales, Shires, North American Spotted Draft, American Cream Draft. Please put Vanners in the Other Breeds classes.
**Spanish breeds- Andalusians, Lusitanos, and Lipizzans ONLY.
**Other Gaited- includes Icelandics, Fox Trotters, Racking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Rocky Mountain Horses, Peruvians, Marchadors, and Paso Finos.
**Other breeds- includes Friesians, Vanners, other coaching breeds like Cleveland Bay and Dutch Harness horses, Hackney horses, half Arabians (Morabs, NSH, etc.), other half breeds including Appaloosa sport horses, grades, etc.
Will be divided as necessary- feel free to bring "extras" for these classes.


**Light- TB/WB, Arabian, and Morgan only
**Stock- QH, Paint and Appaloosa only
**Other- everything else, including gaited and Spanish breeds, drafts, and ponies. Bring extras, we will divide these classes as necessary!

PERFORMANCE (starts at 8 AM sharp)

1. Other English performance
2. hunter/jumper
3. Hunter pleasure

English Performance Champion/Reserve

4. other western performance
5. Western trail
6. Western Pleasure

Western Performance Champion/Reserve

7. harness
8. costume
9. other performance

Other Performance Champion/Reserve

FOAL CLASSES (Classes will be further split if entries warrant!)

10. OF china light breed foals
11. OF china stock breed foals
12. OF china other breed foals

Champion/reserve OF china foal

13. CM glazed china light breed foals
14. CM glazed china stock foals
15. CM glazed other breed foals

Champion/reserve CMG china foal

16. CM/AR light breed foals
17. CM/AR stock breed foals
18. CM/AR other breed foals

Champion/reserve CM/AR foal

19. OF plastic light breed foals
20. OF plastic stock breed foals
21. OF plastic other breed foals

Champion/reserve OF plastic foal

*****LUNCH BREAK*****

22. resin equine themed medallions
23. ceramic equine themed medallions
24. OF Fantasy/Decorator/unrealistic colors
25. CM Fantasy/unrealistic colors
26. CM/Resin/CM glaze by Laura Behning       

27. OF china Morgan
28. OF china TB/Warmblood
29. OF china Arabian
30. OF china QH
31. OF china Appaloosa
32. OF china Paint
33. OF china pony
34. OF china Draft
35. OF china ASB/TWH
36. OF china Other Gaited
37. OF china Spanish breeds
38. OF china Mustang
39. OF china Longears/Exotics
40. OF china other breed/mixed

Champion/reserve OF China

41. CM glazed china Morgan
42. CM glazed china Arabian
43. CM glazed TB/sport types
44. CM glazed china Spanish Breeds
45. CM glazed china Gaited Breeds
46. CM glazed china stock breeds
47. CM glazed china Draft
48. CM glazed china pony
49. CM glazed china other breeds

 Champion/Reserve CMG

50. CM/AR Morgan
51. CM/AR TB/Warmblood
52. CM/AR Arabian
53. CM/AR QH
54. CM/AR Appaloosa
55. CM/AR Paint
56. CM/AR pony
57. CM/AR Draft
59. CM/AR Other Gaited
60. CM/AR Spanish breeds
61. CM/AR Mustang
62. CM/AR Longears/Exotics
63. CM/AR other breed/mixed

Champion/Reserve CM/AR

64. OF plastic Morgan
65. OF plastic TB/Warmblood
66. OF plastic Arabian
67. OF plastic QH
68. OF plastic Appaloosa
69. OF plastic Paint
70. OF plastic pony
71. OF plastic Draft
72. OF plastic ASB/TWH
73. OF plastic Other Gaited
74. OF plastic Spanish breeds
75. OF plastic Mustang
76. OF plastic Longears/Exotics
77. OF plastic other breed/mixed

Champion/reserve OF plastic

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Directions and hotel info

Brookridge Morgans

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