(Turfwood Royal Flush X Sunleaf's Sassafras)
1996 flaxen chestnut gelding, 14.1, 100% Foundation

Boy was the colt without a barn name. We just started calling him Boy because he is one, and it stuck (I was hoping for a girl)! Boy was a friendly, cute foal that popped out unattended in the early hours of the morning (hence his registered name) in spite of our birth watch. He is from wonderful old Georgia-based Pineland and DeBoyd bloodlines, which are very difficult to find nowadays. His sire line is the classic Lambert cross of Jubilee King and Lippitt. By Starlight is truly a handsome boy- old type Morgan substance set off by a flashy, pale chestnut coloring and silver mane and tail. Boy is now owned by Jill Missler of Maysville GA. Jill calls him by the much more dignified name of "Beau".

Turfwood Royal Flush

Clement Jubilee's Courage
Lippitt Robrita
Tarranne DeBoyd Lamont
Tarr of Keeneland

Sunleaf's Sassafras

Ashley DeBoyd Edward Ash
Pineland Gypsy Jaye Pineland Smoky Joe
Pineland My Gypsy

By Starlight's complete pedigree can be found here.
It includes pictures of many of his ancestors as well.

More photos of By Starlight
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Boy at one week with his dam, Sunny (Ashley DeBoyd X Pineland Gypsy Jaye). Sunny was a most intriguing case. She was left to run wild until she was ten, then broken in by an abusive trainer. While her third owner, whom we purchased the mare from in 1995, was very kind to her, at age 20 Sunny was still a very frightened horse. Although progress was made in gaining her trust during her stay here, we felt Sunny would be happiest as a broodmare. She spent her golden years in the pastures of Great Oaks Morgans, owned by the Tom Hilgenberg family, Newnan GA. The Hilgenbergs had owned her sire, Ashley DeBoyd, AHSA High Score Morgan in 1972.

Boy at six weeks.

Boy with April Meridian (aka Mera), his half sister and best buddy, September 1996. Isn't this just a Mutt and Jeff picture?! Hard to believe Boy is only two months younger than Mera. They look more like mother and son instead of half siblings!

Mera and Boy, December 1996.

Boy at age three, July 1999.

Boy at age 4, June 2000, showing off his pretty trot.

Beau in the spring of 2002 at his new home with the Misslers. His mane is growing in dark. This makes him look almost like a light bay silver dapple, which is genetically impossible as both parents were flaxen red chestnut.

Beau and his owner Jill, summer 2007.

Jill and Beau, June 2009.

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