(Fostersluckycharlie X Quail Meadow Gypsy)
September 28, 1990- May 16, 2018
liver chestnut mare, 14.3, 100% Foundation

We rescued Fancy from starvation and abuse in late March 1994. She had never, since birth, received vet or farrier care; in addition she had been roughly broken in as a mere two year old, and had somewhere along the way sustained an injury to her sacroiliac region caused by a hard fall or flipping over backwards. She was discovered living in a small, bare, rented field in North Georgia. No supplemental food was available, save cracked corn thrown out once a month when the owner visited (!). With Fancy were three of her siblings, all of which also went to loving, responsible homes. Her experiences left her frightened, distrustful, and with physical damage. The transformation she made here was nothing short of amazing. She had a powerful personality yet was most affectionate. She became a most unique ambassador for the breed and its resilient nature.

After seven years here at Brookridge, Fancy moved to Arizona to live with my friend Judy Gorenc. In 2003 she had her only foal for Judy, a bay gelding by Robbi Sue's Ragtime.


Devan Lucky Devan Mel
Devan Flame
Duke's Daisy Trahrebe Duquesne
Miss Priss

Quail Meadow Gypsy

Devan Hondo Devan Duke
Devan Flirt
Princess Gypsy Pineland Candy King
Pineland Jolly Gypsy

You can view Fancy's complete pedigree here.
It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

More photos of Fancy
(some pictures are thumbnails; click to enlarge)

This is a "before" shot of Fancy, taken the day the vet drew her first Coggins, while she was still in North Georgia. Although it was apparent she was quite thin, three inches of winter hair hid alot- I was in for a real shock when I brought her home and saw her wet down for her first bath. March 1994.

Here's Fancy about four months after the above shot was taken. She would put on even more weight in the next year.

Fancy and Claudia Ellerbrock of Germany, 1995. Claudia visited us several times on her tour of US Morgan dressage farms.

This was a serendipitous moment. Using my seat, I had asked for a half halt in the trot and received this lovely, almost-piaffe in response.

Fancy and her new owner Judy Gorenc on the Arizona trails near her home, spring 2002.

I was asked to give a presentation on Morgan Color Genetics at the 2005 AMHA Convention which was held in Phoenix, AZ. This was the perfect opportunity to visit Judy and Fancy. I had not seen Fancy since she left Brookridge late in 2001. Fancy is healthy and happy and we had such a great time with Mike and Judy and all their critters that I hated to leave! February 2005.

Northern Arizona is normally pretty dry, so there is not much grass. The winter of 2004-05 was wetter than usual, so Judy took the opportunity to let Fancy graze on the resulting greenery that grew around their property.

Judy and Fancy enjoying a pretty fall day together, October 2005.

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