(Edgefield Sun Gold X Avondale Sweet Rosie)
2011 palomino mare, 100% Foundation

Ivy is the last foal of my beautiful black mare, Avondale Sweet Rosie. Rosie is my dream Morgan, the kind of mare I wish I had 25 years earlier in my involvement with Morgans. Ivy was the result of Rosie's lease to Char Cook of Edgefield Farm in Indiana, and is by her buckskin Sunup Neptune son, Edgefield Sun Gold. Rosie lost the full sibling to Ivy she was carrying for me early in her pregnancy in 2011, then lost a black colt by Gone Gold at 9 months gestation in February 2013. I was devastated; to have such an outstanding mare and not be able to get foals from her is heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, Ivy remained for sale at Char's. Fate? Kismet? I don't know, but despite the fact that I already have too many horses, Ivy proved to be too much of a temptation, and joined the herd in early April 2013.

Ivy's bloodlines feature strong Funquest and old Brunk breeding, with a line to Red Correll breeding through Blackwood Correll. She is exceptionally well put together; the overall impression is one of smoothness and balance, with a short back and long hip. She is a boss mare in the making and is very socially confident for such a young horse. Ivy is smart, determined and very people friendly.

I had hoped to keep Ivy, but
I quickly discovered that
nine horses stretched my time and resources too thin- it's just too many for me to take care of the way I like to take care of them. So when fellow equine artist Jennifer Scott posted on Facebook in May 2013 about wanting a nice Foundation Morgan mare to start her breeding program at AspenMor Farms with, I knew Ivy was the one for her. And Jenn also has Ivy's paternal half brother, out of my Kennebec Topaz! While it was a difficult decision to make, it made more sense to let Ivy go to someone who has the time to really spend with her and the resources to breed her more often than I will be able to. Ivy was only here for about 4 months, but I am very glad to have had the time to get to know her.

Edgefield Sun Gold

Sunup Neptune

Sunup Shenandoah

Goldie Zephyr

Mill Creek Chica Caliente

Pinehaven Chief

Lenawee Charity

Avondale Sweet Rosie

Darkhawk of Hideaway

Sunup Mike

Hylees Firefly

Avondale Berne's Hope

Blackwood Correll

Cotton's Susie Kay

You can view Ivy's complete pedigree here.
It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

More photos of Ivy
(click on a thumbnail to enlarge)

Rosie and Ivy, three days old. March 26, 2011.

More pictures taken on Day Three.

Ivy, one week old, 4/30/11.

Could this be anything other than a MORGAN foal? Her mama feeds her well- Ivy is a little chunk! About two weeks old, April 10, 2011.

Two to three weeks old, April 2011.

Two months old, May 2011.

Two months old, pretty substantial- and tall!

July 2011, four months old.

July 2011- Ivy "supervises" Mary Kay Longacre as she gets photos of the Edgefield Farm Morgans.

Ivy with her paternal half sister, the lovely silver buckskin, Edgefield Vermeil ("Maddie").

August 2011, 5 months old and wearing a full size halter!

October 2011, 7 months old.

April 2012, just over a year old.

June 2012, 14 months.

September 2012, 17 months old.

December 2012- The last picture reminded me so much of Rosie- just in a different color. The first picture shows Ivy with her half sister, Maddie (buckskin silver).

March 2013, in the snow in Indiana shortly before moving south. Pictured with Ivy are Char's mares Maddie (silver buckskin) and After Dark Scarlet Lace (bay).

Ivy the day after she arrived in Georgia, April 6, 2013. Just over two years old.

April 20, 2013- Ivy is a pretty mover. She's still shedding out and will eventually be the slightly darker color on her forehand and just in front of the stifle area. Right now, from a distance it is hard to distinguish her from Coral in the pasture.

April 20, 2013- About as much of a "glamour shot" as we can get until she finishes shedding out :-)

April 2013- Ivy is being slowly introduced to the other Brookridge Morgans. Here she is with Coral and Topaz. Ivy seems rather attached to Topaz, which I find interesting as Topaz has never really had a friend.

Cute expression :-)

May 26, 2013- Now was THIS serendipity or what? Talk about a cool shot of a leg yield! I couldn't have planned that if I tried If only she was bent to her left, it would be a perfect half pass!

More from May 26.

July 27, 2013- As I always do when one of "my" horses leaves to go to a new home, I took "goodbye" pictures on Ivy's last day here. It was a dark and gloomy day; we've had so much rain each afternoon for the last 2 months that I haven't taken any pictures at all. I was surprised these came out as good as they did. This one was my favorite, of Ivy in front of my pretty crepe myrtles.

More of my favorites from Ivy's last day here.

Ivy and 23 year old Pat.

WHEE!! Couldn't believe I caught this!

Ivy is maturing into a lovely mare. She is just a bit rump high at this time, but that's not unusual for a 2 year old. I will miss her, but look forward to updates from Jenn!

July 31. 2013- Ivy with Jenn, the day after her arrival in CO. They make a pretty pair!

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