(Postively's Pride x Positively Charmed)
2021 smoky black filly (Ee aa nd2/nd2 Cr/N)

(pictured at 8 days old)

Sometimes miracles really do happen. And so it was that in 2020, after 3 years trying with 3 different stallions, our smoky black silver mare Positively Charmed (Charli) finally had a foal. That is a story unto itself and can be found on Ariel's page. As we were in the process of weaning Ari last September, Charli came into heat and I figured why not try her one more time with our 32 year old stallion Positively's Pride? We covered her twice that cycle and would you believe it? Pregnant! And here we are, a bit early (day 328), a black (probably smoky black- I will test) filly.

Leelee's nickname has a story. She's a fillY, from two PositivelYs, same sound just different spelling- and Lee is a family name that I never got to pass on. She is so friendly and walks right up to us for scritchies. She's already been hosed off a few times while I've rinsed off her Mom. She was not worried about it. It's interesting to watch her calmly check out each new thing. Leelee is a bit of an "old soul"- calm and confident for her young age. At a little over 14 hours old she passed her first life hurdle- the Well Baby Check and the IGG- with flying colors. Leelee was a ROCK STAR for the vet and her tech, calmly accepting being cradled for her exam and blood draw- she didn't move a muscle which made all of us very happy. Leelee is not overly reactive to sights or sounds- be sure to watch the video of her first tractor encounter below! She has been introduced to the halter- which is much too big for her at this point!- and accepts grooming, hoof handling/rasping, and fly spray.

Leelee has some wonderful old bloodlines on both sides of her pedigree. Flyhawk, Old Midwest, Lambert, Funquest and Upwey Ben Don breeding show up on her sire's side. Her dam's breeding features similar Old Midwest/Sweet's lines, Broadwall Brigadier, many generations of Kennebec breeding from the respected sport Morgan program of Margaret Gardiner, and such famous Western Working Family stallions as Classy Boy, Californio and H-Ken.

This filly is technically for sale. But, her great aunt Coral has cancer and we are going to lose her. I may not get Charli back in foal again. So I might have no mares left to carry on my little breeding program with if I let Leelee go. What this means is if you are interested in Leelee, email me with your plans for her. At my age, I should not keep anything that will likely outlive me, and I would like to see her go to the perfect home where she will be bred responsibly an
d hopefully, shown. Her price will be in the 5K range.

Positively's Pride

Positively Monongahela
Buddington Lovely
Early M Dawn WVM Phoenix
Brigadoon's Cameo

Positively Charmed

Gone Gold Adiel's Casino Gold
Kennebec Topaz
Foxton Frosty Dawn Foxton Society Beau
Foxton Smokey Dawn
You can view Leelee's complete pedigree here.
It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

Leelee on her first trip outside, just a few hours old

Leelee, 3 days old, meets the tractor

More photos of Leelee
(click on a thumbnail to enlarge)

8/4/21- About 7 AM. Up on her feet for the first time.

Leelee found the milk bar! I spared you all the birthing pictures, they were not very ... um... neat. Please forgive the hanging placenta here (it is tied up with baling twine to keep Charli from stepping on it, while the gentle traction from its weight helps to remove the rest that is still inside her uterus).

Proud mama and sweet baby.

August 4, 2021- Leelee's first excursion outside. Check out that sliding stop!

August 6, 2021- Thunder is fascinated by two day old Leelee. I expected him to act silly when he saw her cavorting around, but he has been very calm. Of course Kyrie is right there with him. She is very maternal. Leelee will be her charge at weaning time, as Thunder will be off to training for driving soon.

Leelee's eyes are blue, just as her dam's were at this age. It's a good indicator that she is carrying a cream gene, ie: she's a smoky black. Her eyes will slowly darken to brown- unfortunately, as the blue is really neat!

More 48 hour old pictures.

August 7, 2021- Three days old. Leelee met her first tree, and the tractor (see video above). She and Charli moved to a slightly bigger paddock today.

August 12, 2021- Leelee is 10 days old today.

August 18, 2021- The Thunder-Leelee love affair continues!

August 18, 2021- Two weeks old.

August 25, 2021- Three weeks old. It's so hot, they don't want to move out of the shade, but I bribed Charli with some alfalfa ;-) and got the nice picture with the house in the background.

September 3, 2021- Four weeks old- one month old tomorrow. She has grown a lot in one month! Mama feeds her well!

This head shot made me laugh- her little upright forelock/mane tufts remind me of one of those troll dolls (dating myself here!)

September 6, 2021- Leelee got a visitor today! Trish Albert stopped by after her AM bike ride.

Trish took a couple pictures of me and my cute lil critter too! Thanks for the visit, Trish!

9/18/21-Leelee and the big ball. Charli, who generally is afraid of nothing, was NOT having anything to do with that ball. Leelee on the other hand...

The Leelee and Thunder love affair continues.

Leelee is now about 6 weeks old.

October 2, 2021 was the 33rd Annual Southern Model Horse Convention, which we host each year (except 2020 due to Covid- this year, all attending were vaccinated) on the first Saturday in October. Leelee got a lot of attention from attendees! Here she is with Lesli Kathman, who found Leelee's itchy spot.

(L-R) With Johanna McClanahan and Lesli Kathman; Christina Riley; and Jenny McClanahan.

Marcy Myers captured this shot of me with my little friend. Thanks Marcy!

Katherine Bone and Kaylee Wood giving Leelee more attention. Leelee was like a sponge, so happy to have attention all day!

Former neighbor Elizabeth Warren had not met Leelee yet, so SouthCon provided the perfect "excuse" for a visit!

10/10/21- Long time friend Cassidy Sutherland, her Mom Rhonda, Cass's son Evan and niece Laurel visited today to meet Leelee (who was a hit!)
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