(UVM Prelude X Willy Remember Me)
May 5, 1992- January 6, 2015 brown mare, 14.0

Maddy was a most exquisite creature. She looked like something Walt Disney would have created- too beautiful to even be real. Of course, it didn't hurt that she had extremely good-looking parents! She was also the smartest horse I have ever owned. Because she matured a bit small for my 5'10" frame, in November 2003 Maddy found a new home with Janice Annee in Canton GA, who was looking for a small, quiet horse to ride with her daughter Stephanie. Maddy was just the ticket!

Fast forward 7 years. The Annees were retiring and wanted to travel so they were looking for a new home for Maddy. Every one of our horses sells with a right of first refusal. It has not always been honored over the years, but thankfully in Maddy's case it was. I did not want Maddy, at her age, to go into an uncertain future, so we purchased her back. For almost five more years  I was blessed  to have Maddy here, a little reminder of her grand-dam Reminiscing, my first Morgan.

On January 5, 2015 I found Maddy down in the pasture. Never a colic "problem child", I knew this was serious. When my vet arrived and examined her, he found a right dorsal displacement of her colon. We could not afford surgery so on the advice of our vet, we gave her heavy doses of pain meds and waited to see if things would go back where they were supposed to. My vet told us (and my reading on the topic confirmed this) that's usually what they do before surgery any way in this sort of displacement, just in case they fix themselves, then you've saved putting them through surgery. We kept watch all through the night. She was up, and while not interested in food did not seem overly painful. She nickered to me every time I went out to see her, and the last time followed me around and then to the gate. I took a nap around 4 AM, the alarm went off at 5:30. Jim went out to check her before I could get dressed and came back and told me she had passed.

I felt so bad that I was not there, and that I did not just put her down when the vet was there. It upset me to think that she probably was in awful pain. However, her blanket was clean on the side that was up, and the ground was undisturbed, so my prayer is that she went relatively quickly. I suppose if I had put her down, I might have always wondered if she would have recovered. In any event, my beautiful Maddy is at peace now. She is buried near her dam and grandam. I will probably never have a Morgan as beautiful as she was, and I will miss looking at that gorgeous face every day.

UVM Prelude

UVM Elite UVM Watchman
UVM Teatime
UVM Arissa UVM Highlight
UVM Kris

Willy Remember Me

Treble's Willy Wild Windy Hill Willie
Junehill Fascination
Reminiscing Applevale Commander
Oklahoma Glory

You can view Maddy's complete pedigree here.
It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

More photos of Maddy
(click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Maddy on her feet for the first time, with her dam Mimi, 1992

Maddy at one day old, looking like a fantasy stuffed toy horse

Attempts to get Maddy's ears up for a conformation photo, using a tarp, were met with this (non) response. 1994 photo

Maddy, her second time ever under saddle, being ridden by my student Cassidy Evans (then age 12), 1996

Here's Maddy and I schooling at home, October 1999.

August 2002.

Maddy and her new owner, Jan Annee, going for a ride. December 2003.

Here's Maddy with the Annee family, December 2004. The Salukis are (L-R) Uri, Liza, and Tareef, being held by Stephanie; Darkfire, an Arabian gelding, is behind Maddy; Jan is in between the two horses. Jill, a chow/mix and Batal, another Saluki, are being held by Carl. What a great picture- I have always wanted to do something like this with my entire herd, but I think it might be a bit too ambitious of a project!

June 13, 2010- Maddy is home again! It was 94 degrees outside today so more pictures will have to wait for cooler weather, but I wanted to get a few updated pictures for this web page. Working with her to get these shots, I was again astonished at her intelligence. She seems to understand everything I say as she moves around me (just as I taught her years ago), free lungeing. She has immediately slipped back into the old daily routine here-  as if she had never left.

June 13, 2010-  Maddy's head is probably her best attribute. It is pretty and dishy, her eyes are huge and liquid- her whole expression is just unmistakably MORGAN. She looks so much like her dam, Mimi.

1/10/11- We got a lot of snow which got sleeted on and turned to ice. Maddy was rather suspicious of our new puppy, Nellie, who was barking, and the snow was causing the sound to echo oddly.

My sister Aimee and her almost-3-year old daughters Lucy and Neve, who are from Ohio, visited us on June 10, 2011. Here is Neve with Maddy.

August 2011.

September 2012- Maddy has been neglected in the photo department lately. She wasn't groomed here, but I thought the "snack to go" was amusing.

July 2014- Two years is too long to go without a photo shoot, especially as my horses get older. So Maddy got a bath and posed for some pictures. With Cassidy Sutherland's help- and a strange horse being ridden down the road - we got some good "ears up" photos pretty quickly. In hindsight, I was very thankful to have gotten these pictures, the last before Maddy's passing.

July 2014- My favorite head portraits tend to be photos taken in the barn doorway, with the darkened barn aisle as a backdrop. It is amazing how the "Willy head" carries down through the generations.

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