(MEMC Tequila Cuervo X SFG Passion Flower)
2004 palomino stallion

Poet is a good sized, sweet horse with excellent legs and bone. His pedigree is full of great old bloodlines that are getting harder to find. I bought this colt hoping to eventually use him on my mares, and planned to sell my 2004 foal out of Kennebec Topaz to pay for him. Then Topaz produced my beautiful Coral Forest, and I quickly became way too attached to bear the thought of parting with her. I also began to rethink the whole idea of keeping a stallion solely for breeding to my few mares. As a result, Poet found a new home in Idaho with Forrest and Traci Stanley of Alpine Mist Morgans.

MEMC Tequila Cuervo

Triple S Bald Eagle Triple S Gold Eagle
Triple S Red Carmen
Twine Pines Sara Elm Crest Squire
Mrs O

SFG Passion Flower

Light My Fire Gaylynn Surprise
Ransomvale Barbyalan
Tiffin Galatea Shaker's Sheridan
Ransomvale Georgia

You can view Poet's complete pedigree here.
It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

More photos of Poet
(click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Poet at six days old. I wish he wasn't half on and half off the driveway, but you can still tell how nicely balanced he is.

Poet at 17 days (February 2004). He is a big boy- the colt to the right is two months older than Poet!

Who could resist such a darling face and that curvy, oh-so-Morgan-y neck? February 2004.

Coming or going, this is simply one solid chunk of a colt! February 2004.

This is Poet at almost two months of age, March 2004. His mama feeds the boy well!

What strikes me the most about this colt is how very BAROQUE he is. All curves, proud and upheaded! March 2004.

Here he is practicing his canter pirouette! March 2004.

Poet and MEMC Paint'n the Town. May 2004.

Here is Poet a few days after arriving at Brookridge, with my dogs Stormy and Jackson, June 2004.

Here he is having a bad hair day. It's not quite thick/long enough to lay over neatly yet. The goats in the background are my neighbors'- they have 13 now I think. They make great company for Poet while he is in quarantine. He likes them! June 2004.

Poet is investigating the umbrella I had laid down so I'd have both hands free to use the camera. It's been raining so much here since Poet's arrival that I haven't been able to get many pictures of him, and often they are blurry due to the low light. It rained about five minutes after I took this. At any rate, Poet is not afraid of umbrellas!

Poet is such a friendly, laid back fellow that is it hard to get him to move.

Poet, out with the herd, July 2004.

I got him to move!

Poet is almost six months old now. July 2004.

Coral and Poet playing. It is pretty hot here lately so not much action out of these two, even in the relatively cooler evenings, but here is a pic I took of one of their laps down the field. Early August 2004.

Coral and Poet, August 2004. This picture really shows off Poet's nice straight legs and clean, well-shaped joints.

Coral and Poet playing, late August 2004.

I am always sad when one of my horses leaves for a new home. Though I only had Poet a short time, he quickly became "my" horse. He followed me everywhere but was never pushy. I will miss him. Here is Poet on his last day here, October 10, 2004.

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