Dunbarton Lady, Scottish Terrier (1982?-1993) "Lady" came to us through the Atlanta Scottish Terrier Rescue. Dignified and intelligent. True Scottie style. Very much missed.

Lakewood's Chorus Girl, Cairn Terrier (1981-1998) "Carrie" was acquired from her breeder as a three year old. She'd originally been sold as a potential drug-sniffing dog, but did not work out and was returned to her breeder. Carrie never met anyone who wasn't her friend. Somewhere I have a beautiful shot of her where she's not so windblown looking and if I can locate it I'll get it up here. She was simply a lovely dog.

From above left: my mother's Westie, Wee Bonnie Lassie; my sister's Scottie, Hil-Ray's Ink McMuffin; below left is Carrie and right is Lady. This picture was taken sometime in the mid-80's on a visit to my parent's in Ohio.

Roxy, Scottish Terrier (1988?-2001) Roxy was a dump-off at the vet clinic some friends of ours were vet techs at. She'd been hit by a car and needed surgery to put a pin in her hip. Her owners were apparently unable to pay the bill as they never reclaimed her. Roxy had many health problems, especially skin allergies, which is why I don't have any "pretty" pictures of her. She was a very friendly and sweet dog who was beautiful on the *inside*. Roxy passed on March 9, 2001 of congestive heart failure. I really miss her. Someday, I know I'll have another Scottie.

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