(Successful Sorcerer X Bar D Paloma)
2004 bay dun mare

I had first noticed "Carrie" when pictures of her at age two weeks were posted to the Morgan Colors list. She had such a sweet face, and the color is just too cool! I thought she was really, really cute, but I already had a dun mare, so I was not in the market for another. As luck would have it, a few months later I had the opportunity to add her to my herd via a trade for a colt I had for sale. I figured a filly would be easier to keep on our small property while I found her a home than a colt who would soon need to be separated from the main herd.

Carrie is a sweet mare with an expressive face, short back, nice topline, and straight, correct feet and legs. She is a beautiful mover and matured into an elegant, refined mare. She is cautious about new things but with quiet, patient coaching she learns very quickly and is smart-smart-smart. She loves attention, grooming- and butt scritches!

Carrie's sire, "Merlin", is a grulla son of the well-known bay dun stallion Robbi Sue's Sweet Success (also sire of Stormwashed and Robbi Sue's Success Story). Merlin is a full brother to Successful Reflection, Carol William's beautiful dun broodmare. Carrie's dam Bar D Paloma is a big bodied palomino sabino mare of Triple S, Red Correll, and other old type breeding; Carrie is her first Morgan foal.

Carrie is now called "Allie" by her lucky new owner, Theresa Sheridan of Theresa Sheridan Enterprises in CA.

Successful Sorcerer

Robbi Sue's Sweet Success Equinox Beaubrook
Robbi Sue's Misalert
Royal T Lady Kitrina Royal T Zipalona
Foxy's Pride

Bar D Paloma

Bar D Major R Chee Triple S Red Major
Triple S Annie Lu
Bar D Scarlet Dancer Triple S Red Major
Drumlin Dancer

You can view Carrie's complete pedigree here.
It includes pictures of many of her ancestors.

More photos of Carrie
(click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Here is Carrie at age two weeks. Check out that dun dorsal stripe! Buckskin (and other color) foals can be born with a dorsal stripe too, but they will be broader and more "smudged". 

Carrie at one month of age, June 2004. I love her big eye and sweet expression!

Summer 2004, playing out in the pasture.

Carrie at four months old, September 2004, with her breeder Traci Stanley. Carrie is not quite finished shedding- there's still some silvery foal hair on her lower legs.

Carrie home at Brookridge, November 2004. Six months old. She is calling to the rest of the herd.

Carrie has so much hair- serious overkill for our mild Georgia winters- so she is pretty itchy in her winter woolies. I call her my fuzzy caterpillar... and she is going to come out of her cocoon in the spring as a beautiful butterfly!

Here is a shot that really shows Carrie's sweet face and expression.

Hairy Carrie! December 2004, 7 months old.

December 2004. The cold weather is generating quite a bit of frisky foal antics!

Carrie is a beautiful mover. I can easily see her doing dressage at some point in the future.

Feeling good on a fine spring day, May 2005. Still has a last little bit of shedding to do on her sides and lower legs.

You can see her leg barring really clearly in this picture.

Pretty girl. May 2005.

"WHAT? I have a stripe on my butt? Where?"

Closeups of Carrie's leg barring.

Looking for a scritch! Her favorite thing is a good butt scritchin', which weirds folks out the first time they see a butt heading in their direction. Not to worry... and you'll be her new best friend if you have long fingernails! You can see how nice and straight her legs are in this picture.

July 2005. Carrie is now 14 months old. Looking a bit less like a foal in the face- a more mature expression.

Carrie has done a lot of growing this summer. I do not think she will end up being a big mare, but she is very balanced and smoothly put together. August 2005.

One September morning I was awake at sunrise, and it was very foggy outside. I headed out with the camera, thinking I might get some interesting pix of everyone. Here's Carrie coming to check me (and my big plastic "spooky" bag) out, while her friend Coral is doing her usual "pose" ;-)

Carrie's first formal tying lesson in preparation for her trip back across country to her new home. Typically Morgan, she proceeded to "untie" herself (the rope was just looped around the post). September 2005. You can see what a smooth, elegant mare she is growing into.

Another view of a fine young dun mare. I will miss her greatly. October 2005.

Another long trailer ride is over! Carrie (now called Allie) arrives in California, October 30, 2005. Theresa, her new owner, is with her.

Allie as a two year old, June 2006. Photo by Theresa Sheridan.

Theresa and Allie, September 2007: "this was Allie's first time on cattle, so it had to be documented. She did fantastic for her first time, and actually this is probably only about her 25th ride ever, so I was very pleased."

Allie and Theresa in the backcountry with Theresa's daughter (who's on a borrowed Mustang). Allie did great! Theresa says,  "we even "ponied" my border collie down the trail because she wouldn't leave my pick up! " June 2008.

Theresa and Allie along with her friend Andy and his QH on a trip into the mountains, July 2009.

April 2013- Allie and her first foal, a buckskin colt by JAF Sunrise Surfer Dude. Photo by Theresa Sheridan.

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