(Mocomo Gold N Diamond X Amberfield's Dun Lovin')
2008 bay filly

June 2008 videos of Lily at 2 weeks
(High speed connection only; longer videos may take several minutes to load. All are in Real Player format- download Real Player here, it's free)
Lilly running and playing (2651 KB)
Lilly and Lovey with our dog Stormy (2988 KB)
Lilly and Lovey running through the trees (5222 KB)

On June 5th, Lovey was at Day 316 from her last breeding. I had checked her at 5:30 AM and then went to bed. At 7:30 AM Jim woke me with an urgent "GET UP!" I ran to the window and looked out at the drylot. Sure enough there was an extra set of legs in there! Up and ambulating and doing pretty darn well by the looks of things! Lovey had a huge udder for a month previous- no gradual changes in it, just HUGE, beginning virtually overnight at the beginning of May. We had some concerns that something was wrong, but an ultrasound showed otherwise. I was sure I would miss the birth as a result of not having any of the usual warning signs- and I did- but I didn't think I'd miss it for another couple weeks yet!

"Lilly" is very balanced, with an exquisite dishy head and those Sweet's tipped in ears that I just love. A bit reserved, opinionated (and not shy about letting you know it!), but willing once she trusts you. She is built like an athlete and watching her do perfect flying changes and hard sliding stops, with her front end beautifully elevated, I just know she is destined for dressage or reining someday.

Lilly's breeding is an interesting combination of old lines. Her paternal grand-dam, Sweet's Dutchess, is a full sister to Sweet's Dexter, sire of the beautiful palomino stallion Adiel's Casino Gold. I love the old midwestern blood behind this mare; it has produced many fine using horses with good size and movement. Golden Sonfield was a palomino stallion by the Rose Bowl parade palomino, Desert Sands. Crossed with Shawalla Geri he produced Golden Sundanz, a typy palomino who stood for Golden Morgan Farms in CO.  On the distaff side we have Stormwashed, who is one of the most popular and prolific dun breeding stallions in our breed. His sire Robbi Sue's Sweet Success is the source of the majority of the breed's duns. Another line to the Robbi Sue horses is the very successful breeding stallion Robbi Sue's Mr. Alert. Catskill Sensation is by the beautiful stallion Stillwater Senator, who was the main sire for the Catskill program whose horses were known for their spectacular heads. Lilly's pedigree represents a collection of horses known for their Morgan breed type and athleticism.

Lilly's name is a reminder to always look on the bright side, even if you do not get what you want (which in this case was a dun filly). If Lovey had actually had placentitis or been trying to abort (which was the concern when she bagged up so seemingly early), I could have had no foal at all. So the bright side is, indeed, this lovely filly!

Lilly was sold at one month of age along with her dam Lovey. She is currently owned by Kim Harris-Boyden.

Mocomo Gold N Diamond

Golden Sondanz Golden Sonfield
Shawalla Geri
Sweet's Dutchess T-Bone Bimbo
T-Bone Fella Della

Amberfield's Dun Lovin'

Stormwashed Robbi Sue's Sweet Success
DBF Black Nightcloud
Finally's Just A Dandy Robbi Sue's Mr. Alert
Catskill Sensation
Lilly's complete pedigree can be found here
It includes pictures of many of her ancestors as well.

More photos of Lilly
(click on thumbnails to enlarge)

One of the first pictures I took of Lilly shortly after we discovered her- still a little damp- in our drylot on the morning of June 5.

I let Lovey and Lilly out of the drylot (where we keep late term mares to remove any chances of fescue toxicosis) onto a paddock of grass we'd saved just for her and the foal. Lilly was probably only an hour old here. Lovey is a great mama!

Two days old. I love everything about her head- the great width between the eyes (a sign of intelligence), the soft and kind expression, the dished profile and those tippy inny ears! Her blue-ish eyes made me wonder about her possibly having inherited her sire's cream gene, though I am pretty sure she is a bay and not a buckskin.

It always amazes me how foals can perform this balancing act. She must have a very itchy right ear because I caught her at it several times in the first few days- always the same ear! Or maybe she was just showing off for me, her admiring audience ;-).

Whee! We've had near record breaking heat here the last few days so Lilly has been introduced to showers in an effort to keep her cool- which she really liked! Three days old.

Three days old. I don't know how they feel up to this amount of exertion in this heat. I am wiped out after 20 minutes and have to do my chores in stages- work, go inside in the AC and drink liquids until cooled off, go back out and work, rinse repeat.

Three days old. I really love the way she is put together- nothing really awkward or gangly about her at all. If you believe in the 3 days- 3 months- 3 years rule you can see what a nice mare Lilly will be someday.

One week old. She thinks pretty highly of herself!

Not the best lighting for pictures- it was very heavily overcast, not that we got any rain out of it, drat!- but I had to get a few pictures on her one week birthday! I had turned them out in a new paddock- the last of the two I had saved for them which had a decent amount of grass. Sadly, it won't last unless we start getting some regular rain.

A sleepy Lilly before (left) and after (right). 8 days old.

Lilly has had a few days of being in a sort of "fear period"- she has been more timid than she was at first- so I was surprised (but pleased) when she became curious about the shavings bag I had brought out to get her ears up for pictures. 13 days old.

Pretty Lilly! You can see that her eyes are still kind of blue. 13 days old.

Two weeks old, investigating the "novel object" I was using to get her ears up for pictures.

"What's THIS?"

Conquered... one scaaary umbrella! After yesterday's plastic bag, she is growing more confident by leaps and bounds. And again today, it was most helpful that Lovey did not even so much as give this umbrella a passing glance. Lilly seems much braver than she was a few days ago. She is growing up!

Lovey and Lilly, headin' for home! She is three weeks old here.

It wasn't the best light (I was hoping it would rain!) so this is blurry, but I thought it was kind of cool. Three weeks old.

Lilly's "official" 3 week old picture. She is one of the most photogenic foals I have ever had!

Lilly is now one month old. She is a little damp here- July has started off with rain almost every day, much welcome for drought-stricken Georgia, but not so good for picture taking!

It does not take much to get good pictures of this foal! She is always showing herself off! July 4, 2008, one month old.

If only the light was better and she wasn't damp... but she is still beautiful :-).

Lilly has been pretty reserved towards strangers, even frightened of them, so I was a little surprised when she went right up to my visiting friend Cassidy and lowered her head for a good ear scritching, her favorite thing. Cassidy is a real horse person, quiet and patient, and I'm sure that put Lilly at ease. July 6, 2008.

A bittersweet tradition here is getting a picture of me with my "no-longer-my" horse before they leave for their new home, to remember them by. We may see Lilly in the show ring someday, and having foals of her own. But most importantly I am pleased to have found such an excellent, knowledgeable, and safe home for her.

This was another sentimental picture for me. Lilly is wearing the halter every one of our foals, from the very first one- Willy Remember Me in 1986- have worn (this was just for pictures as we do not leave halters on our horses when turned out). July 7, 2008.

Here is Lovey and Lilly shortly after their arrival in VA. July 2008.

November 2008- 5 months old- Lilly is a furball, so not the most photogenic right now, but LOOK at her MOVE! What an athlete this filly is! Won't it will be interesting to see her shed off in the spring?

March 2009- Virginia got the same snowstorm that dumped about 4 inches on us here in Georgia. Here is Lilly with her friend Radiance Savion Fe having fun in the snow.

Lilly and her new Paint friend at Rita's, November 2009.

February 2010- Lilly enjoying herself in the snow. Photo courtesy of Kelly Joseph.

July 2010- Rita has been working with Lilly a lot, teaching her to load in the trailer, lunge, and ground drive. Here she is ground driving Lilly, with the breeching from her harness on.

Lilly in her new harness, August 2010.

Lily with Emily Grant, June 2013.

Lily at Judy Hinman's for a saddle training refresher, fall 2020. Photo courtesy of Judy.

April 2021- Lilly and her 2021 chestnut filly by Maverix Hunka Burnin Love.

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