(Stormwashed X Finally's Just A Dandy)
2001 brown dun mare, 14.3

"Lovey's" purchase was the result of a long-time search for just the right dun Morgan mare. I saw a picture of Lovey after Sue White purchased her from breeder Judy Hinman in the fall of 2001. I thought the mare was beautiful- however, I never imagined Sue would part with her! So, when the opportunity arose in the spring of 2003 to purchase Lovey, I jumped at the chance.

Lovey is a friendly, very kind mare who always greets you with a nicker. Her sire is the grulla stallion, Stormwashed. Her dam is a full sibling to Leslie Hughes' bay gelding, Finally's Twice Baked, a quiet, do-everything sort of horse who has won quite a bit in open competition, particularly in driving classes. Lovey's maternal grandsire is the famous Robbi Sue's Mr. Alert. She has two crosses to the grulla mare Pendleton Buck Missy, matriarch of the dun line in today's Morgan, largely through her dunskin daughter Robbi Sue's Misalert. Other well known horses in Lovey's pedigree include Equinox Beaubrook, UVM Enchantor, Moro Hill's Adonis and several crosses to Red Correll. One of my favorite Morgans from the 1980's was an exquisitely beautiful Western Pleasure stallion named Catskill Senator Lad, and it's interesting that Lovey has that same breeding in her dam line.

Tested homozygous for black (EE) and heterozygous for Agouti (Aa), Lovey's UC Davis test results can be seen here.

Lovey is currently owned by Dawn Wagstaff in MI.


Robbi Sue's Sweet Success Equinox Beaubrook
Robbi Sue's Misalert
DBF Black Nightcloud BL Independence
Declaration's Image

Finally's Just A Dandy

Robbi Sue's Mr. Alert Glamorgan Vista
Robbi Sue's Misalert
Catskill Sensation Stillwater Senator
Catskill Gay Judy
Lovey's complete pedigree can be found here.
It includes pictures of many of her ancestors as well.

More photos of Lovey
(click on thumbnails to enlarge)

"Lovey" at around six weeks of age at her breeder Judy Hinman's in NY. Still had yet to shed that fuzzy foal coat!

This is the picture that just melted me when I first saw it in 2001. What a doll- Morgan type, with a particularly striking, beautiful head- AND stripes! Lovey after shedding her foal coat, summer 2001.

Lovey, fall 2001 at Sue's Pinehaven Farm in Fredericksburg VA.

Lovey the evening of June 2, 2003, shortly after her arrival at Brookridge. Lovey is a brown dun; she is not quite as red/gold/tan as most bay duns. Her dorsal is black and not dark brown as it would be on a bay dun, and her mane frosting is grey instead of brown/tan- indicators that her base coat, pre-modifying by the dun gene, would be darker than most bays.

Roadie thinks Lovey is purty too. He does have good taste!

The color is way cool.

A couple of close up shots of Lovey's leg bars.

Lovey has all the dun factor markings, including "fishboning" on her chest, shown here.

I am constantly amazed at Lovey's coloring- in some lights it has a warm, somewhat red cast to it (as it does here), and at other times she has a blue-grey tint. Truly "a horse of a different color"! She is filling out a little more every day. July 2003.

I took this picture on February 4, 2004 shortly before Lovey left for Colorado.

She has one of the most beautiful heads I've ever seen on a Morgan.

Another picture from the same day.

Lovey, June 2004, in Colorado. Photo by Tami Johnson.

Dressed for winter! Lovey, February 2005, at Foxton Morgans in CO. Photo by Nancy Harris.

May 2005- Lovey has an adventure! Nancy had been bringing her in every evening to be bred, then turning her back out again. Well, when they went to put her back out one night, they were surprised to discover three bison at the gate. Nan said they didn't seem aggressive in any way, just interested in the salt block. They didn't even care about the Harris's dog, Chloe, barking at them. She and her husband Thom finally went ahead and turned Lovey loose. Lovey was quite intrigued by the bison. Nan thought it might have been because one was a calf. The creatures either accepted the mare as harmless or ignored her totally. The bison haven't been seen since, and Nan says this is the first such sighting they've ever had on their 4000 acre ranch- and she's lived there her entire life.

This picture shows the bison calf. Talk about a "cow horse"! This is so reminiscent of scenes that probably were once very common in the Old West. What great experiences my horses have had during their travels- things they never would have encountered had they stayed tucked away in my backyard!

November 2005, in foal.

Well as you can probably guess, this picture was not taken in Georgia! Late in the fall of 2006, the Harrises were asked to participate in a soon-to-be published coffee table book featuring photographs of land that is in conservation easements. The publishers of the book specifically wanted pictures of the ranch's horses. Photographer Mike Strunk came to Foxton, and one of the pictures that was ultimately chosen to appear in the book is this gorgeous shot of Lovey. What super exposure for the Morgan breed, and colorful Morgans in particular! The book, titled PORTRAITS OF PRESERVATION: Protected Lands and Ranches of Colorado's Front Range, can be ordered here.

Lovey at Foxton Morgans, July 2007. Photo by Gabriella Rudisill.

Home again! November 10, 2007, Lovey arrives home from a nearly four year long stay in Colorado.

After a bath on an unusually warm Georgia November day. Lovey is not a particularly typy Morgan. She reminds me very much of a part Arab we had boarded with us years ago, who interestingly enough was also dun- a grulla.

December 11, 2007: I hadn't planned on taking pictures of Lovey, but she looked so beautiful watching my dogs that I couldn't resist. Lately I've taken to calling her my "black faced sheep" because that's what the dun masking on her face reminds me of.

Lovey the night before she foaled Bright Side, aka "Lilly". Mutual grooming with Lovey is 28 year old Reminiscing. June 4, 2008.

January 2009- Amanda and her friend Samantha Apple (shown here riding) have been working with Lovey, getting her ready to be ridden. Lovey is shown here under saddle for the first time. Amanda reports "she did GREAT!!! I am just thrilled! A grand day indeed!!! Lovey seemed really pleased with herself too :)" Thank you Amanda for the picture and your regular updates!

Lovey under saddle, spring 2010.


Foxton Goldun Cloud, Lovey's first foal, was born April 3, 2006. He is a dunskin colt (has both the dun gene from Lovey and the cream gene from his sire). Notice his light blue eyes; many cream dilute foals are born with blue or bluish eyes, which gradually change to amber or brown. He is a week old in the first  picture. The second picture is of Goldun at 7 months old and was taken by (and copyright of) Mike Strunk. The third picture is of Goldun a a mature stallion.

Lovey's second foal for the Harrises is another dun- this time a filly! Foxton Tiger Lily is a bay dun 2007 filly by Foxton Society Beau. Collage was of "Tyg" as a newborn, center pic is weanling and picture on the right is of Tyg as a yearling.

Lovey and her 2008 bay filly Bright Side at one month. "Lilly" is modeling the halter every one of our foals from the very first one- Willy Remember Me in 1986- have worn (this was just for pictures as we do not leave halters on our horses when turned out). July 7, 2008- one of my last pictures of the pair before they left Brookridge.

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