"LOUIS" (registered name TBD)
(KS Bluestem The Old Guard X Fantastical)
2023 buckskin splash colt, 100% Foundation

Pictured at 9 days old, April 23, 2023

April 14, 2023 was a whirlwind. My sister Kate was due in for a visit from Ohio; she was showing her dogs (Felyx, American Hairless Terrier and Boo, Pointer) in Perry GA over the weekend. Her classes ran late so she didn't get here before dark. Meanwhile Callie started dripping milk. She was only just at Day 320 two days earlier on the 12th, and this was her first foal. But she had been making a bag for a month which gave me a bit of anxiety as she wasn't officially due until May 2. I brought her into the barn so I could watch on the foalcam while we went out to eat. Callie got restless but settled somewhat by the time we got back from dinner and had a delicious slice of buttermilk pie for desert, made by my neighbor friend Junetta O'Neal (thank you Junetta!). I was watching the monitor and saw Callie lie down with her butt in the corner of the stall. I couldn't really see what was going on, but the way her tail was up made me say "Kate we need to go to the barn, NOW".

Kate is a small animal vet, but had never seen a horse born. Was she in for a treat! I think she filmed every aspect of the ensuing drama! After a bit of a time getting those HUGE shoulders out of Callie we have a buckskin colt with 4 white feet and a star. I expect he is splash. Funnily enough neither parent has a lick of white, but Old Guard carries splash... if anyone ever wondered how these pinto genes survived in our Morgan gene pool, here's how!

Louis is friendly, smart and easy to work with. At less than a week old he had mastered picking up all four feet, even cocking a hind foot in readiness knowing that I would be coming for that one next. He enjoys being scratched and groomed and is being introduced to the halter (not his favorite thing at this point!) and rudimentary leading lessons. Louis' pedigree combines the best of Kennebec, Grunden Ranch, old New England and old midwestern (Sweet's) breeding in one package. He is one of a very few young Morgans with Kennebec breeding on both the top and bottom of the pedigree. "Louis" is 100% Foundation breeding and is available; email me if you are interested. We are asking $7000 and time payments may be possible. Huge thanks to Callie's owner Sara Amerman and her daughter Hayley for leasing her back to me for this baby!

KS Bluestem The Old Guard

KS Buffalo Soldier

Kells in Kirby's Honor

Burchtree Roxanne

Sweet's Jada Babe

Sweet's Jet Hawk

T-Bone Card's Fancy


RG Black Dandy

Rimlo Black Prince

RG Black Sentola

Coral Forest

World's Edge Goldoak

Kennebec Topaz

Louis' complete pedigree can be found here.
It includes pictures of many of his ancestors as well.

More photos of Louis
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April 14, 2023, probably closing in on midnight April 15- newborn Louis on his feet, bonding with Mom. Photos by my sister Kate Hornick (whose phone took way better pictures than mine!).

April 15, 2023, about 12 hours old- Louis is a bit upright on his fronts. Dr, Habighorst arrived later in the evening for the well baby check and administered IV oxytetracycline to help the tendons relax. Huge improvement even just a few hours later. Callie was great for us handling the baby even though Louis was a bit rowdy! Good girl Callie!

April 17, 2023- Three days old. The oxytet has relaxed Louis' tendons enough that now he appears back at the knee; Dr. Hancock assured me that is what we want, and that things will straighten properly in the next few days as the colt builds muscle and exercises. I guess these things can happen when you are this big and crumpled up inside a maiden mare!

4/18/23- Louis practicing his levade- my favorite picture of the day!

4/18/23- Callie rolling got Louis excited. And I got some pretty posed pictures. Fetlocks are looking better every day!

4/18/23- I was not at a good angle to capture this but it's funny! This is how you graze when your legs are way longer than your neck!

4/22/23- Eight days old. Tomorrow Louis graduates to the big pasture.

A dorsal that runs right down through the tail, similar to a dun's. His dam had the same thing going on when she was his age.

4/22/23- my favorite picture of the day. Actually one of my favorite mare and foal pictures ever!

4/23/23- Nine days old, first time in the big pasture. A whole new world!

Louis' attempts at grazing now include a goat imitation- grazing while on his knees!

4/28/23- Louis was two weeks old today. The gnats are horrible right now so I did not get much- most of my pictures had someone tossing their head, swishing their tail or flapping their ears around in irritation. I feel so bad for them but usually the situation improves as summer arrives.

4/29/23- I looked outside to check on the horses and saw a big white bird following Coral around. I went to take pictures but it spooked and flew off before I could get a good picture. Looked out awhile later and it was back, this time visiting Callie and Louis. Louis will be despooked to big white birds now! This is a cattle egret and they follow grazing animals around and eat the bugs that are attracted to them. A good thing as gnat-ty as it has been the past few days!

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